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  1. Dual Battery Handsets !

    cool.... should try these soon ... Regards Chandra
  2. Dual Battery Handsets !

    Hi Guyz, Was just wondering if there any dual battery handsets available in the market ? Regards Chandramauli
  3. What Happens To Worldspace India Now !

    Hi Guyz, Its sad to see worldspace pull out of india What options are we left of with good music channels? Has anyone found a hack/ crack to use worldspace from other countries such as Europe or middle east ? Regards Chandramauli
  4. Non SMS Stuff

    hi all... did anyone try this ..... Open a Word document and type the following: =rand(200,99) Press Enter and wait 3 seconds... Microsoft is looking to reward anyone who can explain it. It's ok to do, nothing damaging just interesting!!! Regards Chandramauli
  5. Unlock The Rsn Number

    hi thnx for the help ...i tried that too ... it says 'your phone could not be activated as its not a reliance compliant handset please contact *333 ... !!'
  6. Unlock The Rsn Number

    hi guys ... i have a nokia 6235 handset ... the phone is working..i mean i can send / receive calls and text messages, but i cant get an e=recharge done on it... i show this proble to web world guyz, nokia guyz and also discussed this issue with the customer care people... i managed to get information that my handset's RSN is blocked ...... i have failed getting help from the web world, the customer care guys, nokia and the webstore guys from where i got the phone .... ilem is there any way out to unlock the RSN .... i havent even complained that my phone is lost ...its strange ... i mean im fustrated tooo its been over 11 months and the problem is still on !!!! someone please help me unlock the RSN ..... any reliance employees reading this mail.... pleaseeeeeeeee help me out !!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Regards Chandramauli - 9328259598
  7. Cant We Watch Vdo's On Lg Rd6230?

    Hey Guyz!!! Just wanted to check if there was a way to watch VDOs from R-World ?? It came as a real shock when i found out that we cant watch VDO's on LGRD 6230 Anyone wanna exchange it.... it just 15 days old ... . Regards Chandramauli
  8. Lg Rd6230 Phone

    you can transfer you phone book from your old handset using LG Sync and then convert it to CVS by using the 'export' and then using the lg sync of rd6230 you can transfer the phonee book to lg rd 6230.
  9. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    is anyone facing problems installing r-connect with the LG RD 6230 ?? I am facing a problem... its asking for a file name "comp_mdm.inf" is not in the system as well as the CD that was provided .... can someone help Regards Chandramauli
  10. Dth Talk

    Tata-Sky is starting their operations in Baroda by mid week of July ....
  11. R-connect Prepaid Data Voucher Plans

    airtel has an offer of rs. 10 per day unlimited for their per-paid users to access interenet
  12. Lifetime validity offers galore

    hutch also has come with a similar offer of rs 999/- free for life....
  13. Nokia 3105

    hi guyz... thnx but where do we need to store the applications ?
  14. Nokia 3105

    what is the ringtone format for nokia 3105 ....and how do we install applications ... ican install games and wallpapers ... ringtones too can be transfered ....but dont have a clue on the format .... also ..any idea how to delete the preinstalled games... its all copyright....