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  1. banning more than 5 sms is stupid
  2. Guys, Does the iphone4S support reliance CDMA network? It is given as a worldphone concept!!!

    Thank you guys
  4. Sony Ericsson Hikaru

    looks like a photoshopped picture
  5. Open Letter To Arun To Improve This Forum

    grow up guys please avoid these things here. its kiddish
  6. Motorazr V3c Tata

    Ajin think positive and go for it
  7. waiting to see them all fighting on the street for connections
  8. Buying New Laptop

    I would vote for IBM thinkpad. forget changing anything other than battery for next 5 years. it also comes with a trackpoint which will make your life easy
  9. What Usb Modem

    Best solution is to get a EDGE phone and use his airtel phone for gprs browsing. Much better than relaince . I use an airtel gprs with motorola L7i and a standard mini usb cable. 600 bucks a month or 20 rupees a day. activate if you need it. CHEAP-BEST-HASSLE FREE
  10. Delhi Bomb Blast 2

    unless something is going to blast at the top politicos butt......this wont end
  11. Quad Core

    For good graphic cards i would reccomend a minimum of 600W psu. Try antec or cooler master. One cannot get a cheaper psu and a higher graphic card since the cheaper psu will get fried soon which can take away the whole system with it
  12. Reliance Data Call

    Get CDMA AT command list and try out the data access area. It should work
  13. I think stupid people will buy that in india with that stupid pricing. Anyway majority of the things are marketing hype
  14. New Handset From Lg

    Because indian customers love the word "NEW"
  15. Icici Bank

    NO bank can be closed dear. RBI regulations apply. Dont be fooled with all these
  16. Cheated By Abn Amro

    Linking credit card account means registering a card. you can do this on netbanking itslef. It wont allow the bank to automatically deduct anything from your bank account. you can keep track of all your spendings on that easily.
  17. Cheated By Abn Amro

    The best way for credit cards are to go for cards with online payment facility.In case of icici bank, the payment reflects immediately. Link your credit card account to bank account. I have had both hdfc,icici and sbi cards. Sbi card was closed solely for the reason of not having online transfer facility when i had it. Icici is good but need to be careful. HDFC card rocks and i have 3 of them
  18. Dual Chinese Handset -zt6191

    Chinese handsets are good for people who dont bother about quality and service issues
  19. New Moderators! Now Hetal Too!

    Welcome to the world of responsibility
  20. I tested Egprs of airtel and found the download at rate of means i can download at the rate of some 6 KBPS (Kilo Bytes). IS this your case? I used nokia 6233 to download using E_GPRS (tested mobile office of airtel in home) at velacherry. Meanwhil is 42 kbps (kilo bits or Kilo bytes??) bits per second obivious
  21. Questions Asked During Interviews

    Well interview is a matter of luck mostly, if the interviewer asks questions what you know, you're lucky
  22. I use prepaid AIRTEL GSM in chennai and i activated mobile office. At, neelankarai, i got a speed of 42Kbps download and 112Kbps upload as per www.speedtest.net. I am USING N82 and the browser rocks
  23. Nokia 7088 Coming.....

    Video recording and 2MB built in memory
  24. Which Motherboards Are Best

    Quad core Q6600 and a P35 motherboard. Q6600 works with 1333MHZ overclocked bus without any active cooling. Great for games.
  25. Nokia 7088 Coming.....

    Looks like same crap