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  1. HTC EVO 4G - Fluctuating Signals

    I have done latest OTA update for my EVO 4G radio am experiancing the frequent signal drops and calls got disconnecting. is there any one facing the same issue and any solution for this. rgds/raja
  2. Unable to re-activate HTC Hero with Reliance CDMA

    i am also facing same problem with my palm pixi+, unable release RSN after changing the number. is any one will help? i'll pay for it.
  3. Rooting HTC EVO 4G using Unrevoked

    it will root android 2.3.3 version??
  4. I have done this procedure and still am getting 1x only... am using HTC EVO
  5. can any helpout...... For EVDO, what are the parameters i have to configure in QPST, M.IP/PPP/etc my original meid & EVDO activated and i have hdr user/pass also..
  6. Thanks to all........... I got the akey and configured, everything is working fine. looking forward to configure EVDO settings.
  7. Give me a brief idea about Akey i bought it from sadik 8 months back....
  8. i have restored my original meid & esn and after activating my number, calls are disconnecting after answering. when i dial *228 also disconnecting.... if i restore back previous meid & esn, calls are not disconnecting... can any one helpout....
  9. Beginners Guide To Android

    Call history is possible on my EVO... in call ==> press Home, all apps, call history or people, history..
  10. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Which custom ROM is best for HTC EVO???
  11. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Upgraded my EVO to gingerbread 2.3.3 CM7 ROM with gtalk video chat........ great to see video chatting on EVO
  12. HTC EVO - Mobile Network Problem After 3.70.651.1 Upgrade

    am not updated my phone, but suddenly its happening and its not turning on (mobile network)...
  13. HTC EVO - Mobile Network Problem After 3.70.651.1 Upgrade

    Form yesterday onwards am not able to connect internet(Mobile net).............brought it from sadikk.
  14. Phone Engaged when using Data

    In my mobile Reliance 1x data is configured, its possible to get both (voice+data) at a time and how?
  15. Phone Engaged when using Data

    I have HTC EVO and data has been configured. whenever i am using data on my handset, not able receive calls.