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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I think Rcom is just bluffing Govt. to save their spectrum which they have leased to Jio for 850 Band for improving good coverage of JIO,that is why they are telling we will run dongle data business only,this is just a gimmik to continue with spectrum to help JIO https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/reliance-communications-to-shut-voice-calls-from-next-month/61505748
  2. The One India, One Rate pack for GSM more detailed link http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/prepaid/PlansandPacks.html?Y=1 choose GSM and then one India one rate You can now enjoy free incoming calls and make local or STD calls at the same rate even when you are roaming. Circle MRP (Rs.) Local / STD Incoming Roaming Andhra Pradesh 44 40p/min Free Assam 54 35p/min Free Bihar & Jharkhand 46 40p/min Free Delhi 53 45p/min Free Gujrat 49 35p/min Free Haryana 42 40p/min Free Himachal Pradesh 47 40p/min Free Karnataka 47 1.2p/2sec Free Kerala 46 1.2p/2sec Free Kolkata 46 40p/min Free Madhya Pradesh 43 1.8p/2sec Free Maharashtra & Goa 47 35p/min Free Mumbai 51 40p/min Free North East 56 40p/min Free Orissa 53 40p/min Free Punjab 47 40p/min Free Rajasthan 43 40p/min Free Tamil Nadu 47 40p/min Free Uttar Pradesh East 41 35p/min Free Uttar Pradesh West 41 35p/min Free West Bengal 46 40p/min Free Tariff (Local/STD) Home & Roaming Circle Pack Validity 30 Days
  3. Moderaters can club this with main topic Here are rate cutters for some of circles Link available in following link choose one India one rate http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/prepaid/PlansandPacks.html?Y=1 AP Rs 44 All calls 40p/min home and national roaming with incoming free Assam Rs54 35p/Min Bihar/Jarkhand Rs46 all calls 40 paise Delhi Rs53 all calss 45p/min Gujarat Rs49 35p/Min Haryana Rs42 all calls 40 paise Himanchal Rs47 all calls 40 paise Karnataka Rs47 all calls 1.8 paise per 2 sec Kerala Rs46 all calls 1.8 paise per 2 sec Maharashtra Rs47 35p/Min Mumbai Rs51 all calls 40 paise North east Rs56 all calls 40 paise Orissa Rs53 all calls 40 paise Punjab Rs47 all calls 40 paise Rajasthan Rs43 all calls 40 paise
  4. Reliance has launched all India Rs350 and Rs599 postpaid plans with all India roaming free with 700 and 1200 free Minutes respectively.But in Rs350 plan only 200 minutes roaming free and 599 plan any time incoming free Source Economics Times http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/telecom/reliance-communications-rolls-out-free-national-roaming-offers/articleshow/36283786.cms Another update on these plans Rs 350 will get ! GB data free and 100 SMS and Rs599 will get 2 GB high speed data with 100 SMS, in addition to above benefits in Rs350 plan call rates post free min will be 40 paise/min and Rs 599 it will be 30 paise per min lacal sTD and Roaming
  5. Reliance has launched all india plan with Rs 45 recharge all India STD, Local as well as on roaming calls will be 40 paise and incoming will be free with 30 days validity Source Economics Times http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/telecom/reliance-communications-rolls-out-free-national-roaming-offers/articleshow/36283786.cms
  6. Go to Reliance Web World not retailer to activate connection,morning you submit documents by evening or next day your job is done
  7. Any STV For Free Incoming Calls In Roaming?

    Some circles Reliance CDMA has Rs 82 recharge one year tariff validity, all incoming outgoing 1p/sec and some circles Reliance GSM all incoming and outgoing 1.2 Paise/Sec,check with customer care (Dial *333) before recharging
  8. When we are checking main balance in Karnataka GSM Sim dialing *367# ,this message is coming after main balance - "Roam at 1p/s RC60 6000Roam/Home sec 15D validity"
  9. Reliance GSM launches RC 60 with 15 days validity.Customer gets 6000 seconds which can be used in Home as well as in roaming
  10. Reliance today announced the launch of its best value Master Plan for its GSM prepaid customers in Karnataka.Master Plan offers unique multi benefit recharge offer packs for its new and existing GSM prepaid customers First recharge of Rs 46 gives 4500 sec free and all on net local call 5 paise/min,offnet local 30 paise /min,STD 60 paise/min, 500 MB data free upto six months and full talktime on all rechage upto 6 months.Existing customers can get all the benefit with Rs 74 recharge
  11. Reliance has launched pan India truely unlimited internet at Rs169 for speed upto speed of up to 153 kbps.It is called city unlimited.They have reduced USB modem cost to Rs 1099 MoneyControl.com Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 16:39 Reliance Communications, India's telecommunications service provider, has unveiled its initiative 'City Unlimited', which comes with unlimited data usage and internet access, within the same city with wireless internet speed of up to 153 kbps. These cities, where this plan is available, are mapped to over 1700 STD codes. This plan will provide internet access for billions of Indians across 24,000 towns and 600,000 villages. In the largest roll out of affordable wireless internet service across the length and breadth of the country, Reliance has slashed the cost of Reliance Netconnect USB stick modem to Rs 1099/- and offers unlimited data usage at affordable tariff of just Rs 169/- only for prepaid users. This plan has been launched across the country except the top 1000 towns. Talking about this initiative, Mahesh Prasad, President of Wireless Business at Reliance Communications, said, “The availability of internet service and the initial hardware cost has been a deterrent to drive the internet penetration in our country." "Internet penetration all over India stands at less than 2% and although driving internet penetration across the country beyond major cities is a key priority for us, affordable internet penetration will also enable economic prosperity for our countrymen. Reliance has once again rewritten the rules of the industry by offering an unbeatable proposition in terms of coverage, quality, service breadth and, above all, value for money," he added. The service plan is targeted at small and medium businesses, students and homemakers.
  12. Hi KanagaDeepan, Hope this link clarifies your doubt http://bsnl.co.in/service/cellular_cellone_allplan.htm Reagrds S.Tiwari
  13. Please recharge with Rs 91 make your tariff local 50 paise and STD Rs 1 even on roaming for one year.Please check with customer care at *333 before recharge to see the avilability of this recharge in your state(circle)
  14. Std Offers In Reliance Gsm

    Rs 75 STD pack gives 150 min in Karnataka Rs 75 STD pack gives 130 min in Kerla,Maharashtra, Tamilnadu,Mumbai Rs 75 STD pack gives 100 min in all other states This info is availabie on rcom.co.in Reliance web site(GSM)
  15. Today I enquired customer care and it was informed that recharge with Rs 21 till 31st August and get lifetime validity and one year tarrif all local calls(landline and mobile) 50 paise and all STD Rs 1.To make STD lower,recharge with Rs 75 to get 150 STD minutes for 30 days.So efectively all calls become 50 paise per minute STD and local.I think this is the lowest tariff with out spending any monthly special tariff voucher.