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  1. R-connect With Win Xp 64

    hi there! it is possible to install modem manually without using reliance software or dialer.. moreover reliance software v 2 has bugs in it ... its better u configure it manually .. here is how u do it.. activate r-connect on ur phone by dialing *412 or call customer care. first of all pick one working USB port.. connect the data cable to USB port and then to phone.. XP will detect it automatically.. then istall the software.. if u got drivers use em else use automatical installation.. Xp will install by itself from windows/system32 folder.. XP has builtin drivers for CDMA modem.. after u have installed the modem... then u got to configure it.. if ur phone is samsung then its easy u dont have to do much. if u r using LG ..then go to modem in the control panel.. open it choose the CDMA modem.. click properties .. in properties choose advanced tab and type this (ATZ;AT+CTA=30) in adv...intialisation without brackets.. ok this ATZ;AT+CTA=30 is not applicable for samsung models.. query the modem see if it works fine.. now u have a working modem to connect to net.. now create a new connection from the accesories->communication->ntwork connections tab. create a new connection use manual configuration.. and choose the CDMA modem to dial the number now in the no field type #777 including '#'. thats it u r done. and dont use any dialing rules use ur no as username ie 93...XXXX and pass as the same 93..XXXXX no zeros now connect/dial with ur phone connected to the USB port.. it will dial the no and wil connect just like a normal dial up connection.. for disconnecting right click on the connection icon in the taskbar and choose disconnect. thats it DUDE! have a nice day.. lemme know if it works okay.. regards