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  1. A918 Dual Sim Gsm+cdma Chinese Handset

    Thanks for the reply. I did tried the reset too. That does not help either. RUIM could be faulty but WebWorld guys will test it on Reliance supported handsets and it works fine on these.
  2. Hello Here's my story... I am RIM user since the service started in New Delhi. A month back my office admin issued me a new GSM connection of AirTel. Now I had to carry 2 handsets for two diff providers and an obvious inconvenience. My friend told me that there are some handsets in market which have ability to support (GSM+CDMA). I liked the idea. At a mobile store Found some Spice handsets at starting range of 7K. However, these handsets were SIM based and my RIM connection was without SIM on RD6130. Therefore, a dealer suggested to get my RIM number trasfered to a R-UIM sim card at cost of 300rs and then I can go for any dual SIM handset. Before finalising the handset we decided to go Gaffar market in Karol Bagh to see more variety of handsets cause I really did not liked the Spice mobile at that price. There were fewer choices available for CDMA+GSM handsets. One handset that looked smart was a chinese mobile 'Changjiang A918 Dual'. Bought this for 5500/- Inserted both GSM and RUIM Sim cards. Instantly AirTel flashed on screen, seconds later C-40400 for CDMA network. Dialed *228 to activate my RUIM sim. SURPRISE: "Welcome to Tata Indicom, please enter your 14 digit pin......." Dialed again *228. Response: "Ring...Ring..Ring. Someone answered 'Hello'. I enquired if this was RIM activation centre. He responded, Sir this is MTNL Garuda customer care!!! LOL!! Dialed again *228. Response: "Welcome to Tata Indicom, please enter your 14 digit pin......." Dialed again *228. Response: "Welcome to Relaince India Mobile..Your Sim has been successfully activated, please switch off...." I thought everything is fine now. Phone has finally searched the right network. Switched ON after 30 seconds. Tried to make a call. Response: "Please contact Tata Indicom customer care" !!! Damn! Dialed again *228. Response: Tata... Dialed again *228: Tata and since that day the handset loves Tata only. It never detected Reliance network. I tried to look for the network settings in the phone but manual network selection is available for GSM network only. Not for CDMA. Inserted my RUIM sim in a Reliance supported handset . There was no problem in getting the right network. Guess cause Reliance handsets are locked to any other CDMA networks. However, my A918 is open to all and therefore goes live on first network it detects and in my case its not Reliance but Tata. Bought a Tata Indicom connection with SIM and inserted in A918. Service started and I was receving calls from both GSM and CDMA. Again tried luck by inserting Reliance sim, but phone detects Tata only. Now you know my problem.... To make calls from RIM, I had to buy another set RD3000. The idea was to have one handset and I ended with having 4 handsets!! Anyone knows how can I lock phone to other networks and enable Reliance only??? Specifications of the A918: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/20464702...8_Dual_SIM.html Online YouTube Video: Thanks