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  1. Change Your Username

    Old User Name: anu0512 New User Name: NIGHTMARE (All letter are in capital)
  2. Dual Sim Motorola Milestone XT 800

    Here on Ebay Rs 9400 http://www.ebay.in/itm/251170120416
  3. Whatsapp On BlackBerry without BIS Plan?

    Can please tell me how you run on normal GPRS plan ?
  4. Dual Sim Motorola Milestone XT 800

    there is a reason why some sellers are giving it away for 5500 - coz a lot of people who buy it complain about it and often bring it back to the shop. What type of problem ?
  5. 3G Wireless Routers

    Well Asus RT-N13U B1 is also good plus it also support DD-WRT, so you can use custom firmware.
  6. Please suggest Dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset

    Guys someone selling brand new Motorola Droid 3 GSM & CDMA global phone. How much it will worth ?
  7. All about Tikona

    Even it **** in Delhi disconnection and speed will never contact. using Den BB right now avilable in two cities for now Kanpur and Delhi
  8. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid 3

    No you don't.
  9. CDMA OMH - Motorola Droid 3

    Hi Kapil, I forget to enter my unlock code and I just flashed the phone, so GSM sim is not working even is not asking for activation code. How I can get back the verzion ROM to enter the unlock code ? Please help me out Solved