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  1. Hi, I am a post paid customer of Relaince and having the following plans: VOLUME.3GRNC_PAYG.0 DATAPLAN DP_QUOTA_PAYG.500MB Does any one knows about these plans? As I have taken a pack of 95 for 2.5 GB. Thanks Gaurav Gupta
  2. Mobile TV Charges on EVDO Handsets

    I called CC and they told that NUC is implemented by GOVT not by the reliance and they cannot remove this. And this is applicable to all CDMA operators. Is it true??
  3. Mobile TV Charges on EVDO Handsets

    yes you're right. Even after 7 years with reliance I have to choose some new operator for fair price.
  4. Mobile TV Charges on EVDO Handsets

    Me too got the same bill. They have charged NUC. Got a bill of3150/-. So I decided to end my 6 yr long relationship with Reliance.(Will port my 6 Reliance connections to MTS/ other gsm connections.) Actually I confirmed from CC that there will not be any NUC since I am in EVDO plan. but they cheated.. :angry: :angry:it The reliance customer care is completly bull**** people. if you ask for MOBI TV for CDMA, they give you plan for GSM 3G. There is no daily TV pack cdma only for the GSM. Reliance is looting CDMA people. Even I have decided to leave RELIANCE after 7 years. Why they have NUC when they have same not for GSM?
  5. Mp4 Videos - Download

    My Friend, I have also found this way to play the video in Samsung Max. But this is not a feature. Its shows a problem in Samsumg Software and they have accepted that. We all need to go to customer care centre and have new softwre in our phone. Then you need to find out the ways to paly MP4 and also let me know if you are able to see it in FULL SCREEN MODE. I am not able to find out this JUGAD. Thanks Gaurav
  6. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    See the list of problems: 1. The Samsung Max has Software problem. It was keeps on restsrting whenever you try to send an SMS. 2. The User manual has nothing for User. 3. The Song Skip is not working. 4. Mp4 videos not working. Went to Samsung service center. The call center guy told me that this is a known software problem and you need to for software upgrade and all thing s will start working fine. Samsung Service center at Patparganj, they upgraded my software after formaating (formatting removes all the dat from you phone as per samsumg service center guy) but my all data was saved. A new problem happend -- The hourly chime stopped working. MP4 still not working Skip length for music still not working User manual still have not all the information about the features of phone. Let me know my friend what should i say ----I lOVE SAMSUNG or HATE .. even the service is worst. Thanks
  7. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    Samsumg Max is worst phone than Nokia. When I bought this phone from this person, he said it is too good but did not told about its software problem. I am really really feel guilty for this. I ASSURE YOU MAN I WILL NEVER BUY ANY PHONE FROM YOUR SHOP AND NEITHER RECOMMENED. YOU CHEATED ME and TRY TO BE SPECIALIST. ON THE FIRST DAY I NEEDED TO CALL THE SERVICE CENTER and Service center of SAMSUNG IS WORST than this PERSON. Let me know if you need any feedback. I am going to write a mail about this to SAMSUNG SALES. Thanks Gaurav