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  1. How much did it cost you? With or without box?
  2. Guys please help!! SOS!! By mistake Factory reset was done. Rebooting problem gone. It connects to *228 and asking for 9 digit PiN number. I believe it is talking about GSK. Don't know what to do now. Status: Banner is showing "Digital Roaming" in place of "Reliance" Does it need to be programmed again?
  3. I have one from USA. It is an unlocked device. mine is not a contract phone. It doesn't have CDMA, One slot is for WCDMA (NOT CDMA) and another one is for GSM.
  4. PC Suit like software could have made this job easier for Electify2 owners. Me too struggling with Contacts part. Couldn't transfer my contacts from HTC Inc2 to this phone.
  5. @M. S. Rao: Good information about RC 78 As far as I remember I have never seen R-GSM selling too cheap this way earlier. GSM operators can't compete with CDMA operators, everybody know this fact. How come its selling cheaper than CDMA? In CDMA still it is Rs.299/- for unlimited calling R-R local with 30 mins daily for offnet calls. There is no exclusive R-R unlimited package in CDMA as of now in prepaid. What is reliance cooking?
  6. Recharge for Rs.38/- in R-GSM is offering local reliance to reliance calls unlimited for 30 days. Circle - Hyderabad, TS Already started using it. Looks tempting but no improvement in reception.
  7. It works well, thanks again
  8. Thanks Hitesh, will try this
  9. Did anybody use 3 way calling with Motorola Electrify2? Looks like it is not working. I tried couple of times. After connecting with second party when I tap on "merge" nothing happens still second party is online and can't hear the first party. Can't even switch back to first party.
  10. I have been using Motorola Electrify 2 from quite a while still contacts not settled properly. I had migrated all my contacts from HTC inc2 via GMail. First off it showed big numbers like 356 contacts on my Moto list and so on but when ever a call is received there is no name on it where as the caller is not new to me. I started saving their names as and when the calls are received. I am continuing this process till now and even for the numbers that I saved with names they get lost after few days and again the same caller is displayed with number and no name. What is the logic behind it i am unable to get it. I appreciate if some body could get me out of this puzzle.
  11. Guru Gopal ji, I am glad that I am not too late. Checked out this topic just now and was very happy about this meet in Hyderabad. It was a pleasant surprise for me when you stated these two places, Dilsuknagar or Malakpet. Week ends would work best with everybody. Let's finalize the date and venue.
  12. Motorola Electrify 2 doesn't let the installed apps to be moved to SD card. Please suggest any method to move apps or name some tried & tested apps from play store.
  13. They are the professional brothers of Reliance CC. Don't expect any help from CC at any point. Sent from my XT881 using Tapatalk
  14. I have been using this handset for more than 20 days now still no issues. I am happy. Call quality is good, crystal clear voice and I believe Radios are strong (Wi-Fi, bluetooth and cell reception also) and I can't give the comparison feedback with Moto G as I have not used Moto G yet. Regarding games, etc I installed Deer hunter and after playing for some time it got too much heated up and restarted automatically. I believe it is made on light hardware. This handset would naturally be a good replacement (with MEiD registrations being stopped) but you can't keep lots of hopes with it, as the price is so the handset is. Over all, In my opinion it is a good handset for light use and it is worth the price 8K (in India) or $99 on e-bay as earlier mentioned by somebody. when it comes to features and ease of use I always compare it with my HTC Droid Inc2 and doesn't find it that much convenient and user friendly though it was running on Ginger Bread i still miss lots features in Electrify 2 at the same time I enjoy some excellent features which work really beyond expectations Viz. "Smart Actions"
  15. Can any Electrify 2 user clarify if this handset has the capability of handling Voice + Data simultaneously on CDMA (EvDo) as OMH device?