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  1. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Dear Friends It has lot of problems . It assures lot of things but delievers little its signal capacity is weak .Battery is not upto the mark andblue tooth dialup and file transfer absent. I sold my set for 4000 .and feeling relieved well uptil now battery is ok...n no prblm wid bluetooth...letz wait 4 d problem 2 start
  2. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    yes datz also d problem wid me....is dere no any other site 4m where we cn download wallpaper for spice c-810
  3. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    d only prblm i get is dat in dis cel pics doesnt get zoomed....n ny wallpaper i download 4m pc is nt displayed in fullscreen..
  4. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Can you please confirm that it records both side conversation? Is it possible to start recording of conversation automatically? ya it records both side conversation...
  5. Spice CDMA-C Series & C-810

    Hey i purchased spice c-810 handset a month ago.....itz workin wel...cn any1 tel me bout ny problm it creates later..(if any)
  6. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    ohkzz..!!! tnx 4 all ur valuable advice..
  7. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    @honest... hey u cn read its reviews on mouthshut.com.... 4m dere i came 2 knw bout both nokia n samsung
  8. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    i hve heard bout its battery backup prblms...its battery backup is less..!!
  9. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    ohkz...m havin prepaid connection.....well i hve enquired bout nokia 6275...its gud bt it creates prblm later....wat bout samsung max...?!!
  10. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    hey bt m nt able 2 use col conferencing..!!
  11. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    no it doesnt support conferencing..
  12. Problems In Lg 3000/3100 With Mic.

    m also lg 3000 user since november...bt no problems yet
  13. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    hey hi..actually i wanna hve new handset....at present m havin lg rd3000....n nw i wanna hve handset camera muzic player...bluetooth....so cn u plz tell me bout new reliance handsets wid al dese features....price limit--rs7000