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  1. New Handset - Classic 202

    I purchased the phone Classic 202 2 days before. Worth for Rs.777/- But the problem I faced is with using of emergency numbers. As per its manual we can enter 10 emergency numbers, out of which 3 (100,101,102) are not customizable. 7 emergency numbers we can add as per our wish. The menu is settings, security, emergency numbers. Later on if we keep the phone in emergency mode and dial the emergency numbers, it tries to connect and then gives a message "call ended". I enquired about this with customer care. There the person talked nicely and started explaining me about speed dial and later accepts that he don't know about emergency number feature. Then he asked his supervisor and explained me that no reliance CDMA phone is having customizable emergency number feature. I explained him that already I am using LG 2030 which is having 3 customizable emergency numbers. If anybody got solution for such problems please reply S.Saravanan I am having this handset Classic 202 (Rs 777/-) & after using this for 15 days i have come to these conclusions:- 1. If you see the price tag (Rs 777/-) its a steal...... 2. Battery Backup -- For average to moderate users 1 full day..... U have to charge it daily........ 3. Signal strength ---- pretty good enough........ I have a hutch phone as well (Motorola V3i).... i have found sometimes my Rs 777/- mobile has signal whereas my Rs 9000/- mobile doesnot have one.. On the whole..... Not an issue...... 4. Features........... When u are getting it for as cheap as this u should not worry about features....... Three Main features:- 1. Can make or receive phone calls 2. Can make or receive sms s 3 It rings when any calls come and the sound is pretty good........ 5. Since it is having a RUIM card... migration to another Reliance Phone is easy and you will be able to retain the old number as well....... FINAL VERDICT:- USE IT FOR 1 YEAR AND WHEN YOU CHANGE IT AFTER 1 YEAR YOU WONT FEEL THE PINCH.............. My personal opinion regarding mobiles is that either you should have the low-end mobile (which can be used for only making calls & sms) or the high end one (having all the features -- camera 2.0 MP minimum, bluetooth, MP3, radio, extendable memory.......) This phone perfectly fits into the first category. and trust me you wont feel cheated after u will buy it........... FULL PAISA VASOOL....................
  2. New Look of Reliance Infocomm Website

    Atleast reliance is trying to use website nowadays to give uptodate information. Earlier the website has nothing updated. Continuous suggestion from rimweb will surely make it better, we believe. In prepaid on-net plans 495, 215, 430 no clear details about free rim-to-rim Intracircle calls, in night in reliance website, in this link for tamilnadu circle. http://www.relianceinfo.com/Infocomm/Rim/rim_pre_tnch.html
  3. My experience in this regard, may give u some ideas I think. I used one free version of a commerical antivirus in my computer. It has on access scanning capability. It is able to identify the latest version of redolf virus in my disk, but cant remove it. Then I used clamwin( http://www.clamwin.net ) opensource antivirus to remove the virus. When clamwin is about to handle the virus file,bcoz of the onaccess scanning of the commercial antivirus, it first identifies and prevents the virus file from being accessed by clamwin. It is not able to remove the virus and it is not allowing clamwin also to remove it. Then I stopped the on-access scanning capability of the commercial antivirus. Then I used clamwin, which removes the redolf virus very easily. Such situations may be more worst if two softwares has on access scanning capability, that is like the situation u have. Clamwin don't have onaccess scanning facility, which is its advantage and disadvantage. Suppose if the OS locked the program, you restart the computer in safe mode and scan with clamwin. 99% you will succeed in removing even established viruses in your computer.
  4. Nokia 2112 Review

    Friends is it possible to connect external antenna in NOKIA2112 just like in LG2030 S.Saravanan
  5. Handset Price List - Mumbai

    Thanks friends h1ghlander, harshonline, ani_meher for giving good information about Nokia phones of Reliance S.Saravanan
  6. Handset Price List - Mumbai

    Today my friend had a phone (Not reliance, brand is fly),which has more advanced phone numbers management features like VIP NUMBERS, BLACK LIST NUMBERS, etc... It will also be fine, if the number of emergency numbers is 30 or more instead of 3 like in firefly ( http://www.smartcompany.com/article/Firefly/147278_1.aspx ). Is there any Reliance phone with this features?. If reliance had a phone with such features, I am more interested to buy one S.Saravanan
  7. Rconnect Not Working Since Morning

    When the modem username invalid error 691 has been reported to CC using *366 number, they replied that the phone will be activated as modem in 24 hours. After 1 day now it is working as modem finely.
  8. Rconnect Not Working Since Morning

    I had two RD2030 reliance cells. Both the cells I am able to connect to my PC and synchronize the address book using LG sync software. I am using LG original data cable. Both are prepaid connections. From both I am able to talk well and send,receive sms well. Settings are same in both the cell phones. No lock has been set in both. Both are having balance amount and validity days. The problem is one of the cell connects with Internet when rconnect is used. But the next one gives error like this. 0691: access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain I use the username and password 93xxxxxxxx, 93xxxxxxxx Any way to overcome the problem
  9. Echo Problem

    I am suffering with this echo problem in my relatives phone LG 2230 for past one month. I asked Reliance CC, LG service centre and reduced the speaker volume but of no use. Yesterday I found that it is bcoz of the plastic cover used in the cell phone. Either remove the cover or use proper holes in the plastic cover above the mic and speaker portion. Now it works finely.
  10. Virus Detected When Browsing The Forum

    Now www.rimweb.com does not seem to have any virus like activity. Thanks for your immediate action administrator.
  11. When we try to logout of rimweb.com a virus is automatically trying to infect our computer (Name of the virus : VBS/PSyme). Name defined by AVG antivirus. And the rimweb.com website is also trying to install a file runsvc32.exe when we login and logout. Is rimweb.com have spyware. Pls someone explain