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  1. HI Friends, I have recently purchased a HTC CHACHA Phone last month from Cochin for 14000/-. The main problem faced by me is regarding less memory space for APplications. Can anyone please help me.
  2. Call Conference

    Call conference facility we are talking is supported by handset and not SIM. For CDMA it has to be supported by SIM. I think that is why They have mentioned that SIM doesnt support call conference and the facility depends on handset
  3. Reliance Calculated My Usage as Rs.6824

    I think this happened due to some other problem as he has got information from Webworld and customer care that his unbilled usage is 308.
  4. Congrats Boss. My suggestion for you is Kerala if u have not visited Else u can look for OOty,Coorg and Kodaikanal.
  5. How to activate the Call conference in GSM. What is the procedure for doing call conference in GSM.
  6. It depends on Individual to Individual. I dont have to keep a balance in my mobile everytime when I need to call. We have to pay the bill only after 45 days. And if u r using credit card for that u will get some bonus points as well as u will get around 40 days more to pay the bill. That is for calls making today u r paying cash only after 60-70 days. Now from April 1st Banks are giving interest on per day basis. So u will get the interest for the money for 60 days.
  7. correct me if i am wrong, but what about SHEC... it works out to 10.30% = 10%ST + 2%EC + 1%SHEC You are perfectly correct boss. it is 10.3% and not 10.24 You can escape But the Extra talk time has some condition Like has to be used within 7 days and Cannot be used in roaming etc. In the case of Reliance Dont know about Vodafone
  8. In Prepaid also there is service tax. But sometimes they may offer extra talktime. If there is no extra talktime then postpaid is better because We are paying for calls only after a minimum of 15 days and max of 45 days.
  9. Spice D 6666 Dual Gsm

    I was first using my Aircel Chennai number as Master Sim and was using Reliance CDMA as slave. I use Reliance for messaging as well as calling. because it is cheaper.So I cant send bulk SMS using Slave CDMA. Now I am using Reliance GSM as master and Aircel as slave.As both are GSM I can send message to group using both master as well as slave. When we press call button I will get entire list in that click. Earlier it was giving option like Master call Details and slave call Details then I have to select that then only I can go to the last called/missed/dialled number. Now I am getting that in 1 go. There are many advantage like this when using both GSM in Spice d 6666.
  10. From Feb-09 service tax + education cess is 10.24% instead of 12.36% earlier. So we will be loosing the benefit that we were enjoying for the last 14-15 months.
  11. Broadband+ And Dell

    I have uninstalled the Device before installing SP3. and also in the same drive I am getting my other usb drives(like Pendrive) connected after removing the Broadband+ which is not getting detected.
  12. Broadband+ And Dell

    Hi Friends Now When I am connecting the datacard before starting my system it is perfectly fine. But When I am connecting datacard after starting my system it is not detecting. Regards, Venkit
  13. Broadband+ And Dell

    Hi Friends It is getting connected sometimes and sometimes it is not getting connected. When I check in Hardware , device manager of laptop it is showing some error and when i try to update/uninstall driver it shows that process is going on. I waited for almost 15 minutes and nothing happened. Then I forced to close the operation and restarted. At that time it was working. Will check the same again and will update. Thanks Venkit
  14. Broadband+ And Dell

    Hi Friends, I have installed Office XP service Pack 3 and my net is working fine as of now. Thanks a lot for the support. Regards Venkit
  15. Broadband+ And Dell

    I am using the device Huawei EC 1260 All the OS are Windows XP only. Thanks and regards Venkit