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  1. I have been using Rconnect for 2 years now. I have noticed the following problem: In windows, after some random period of time (say 10-15 mins) i remain connected to the net but no transaction takes place (eg pinging something will ALWAYS give a timeout) This problem occurs even when i am downloading something. In linux i have written my own dialerss by hand using wvdial. I have also used pon, poff and even pppdial. All of them give me reliable connections. But in windows, if i give some large file to download and go off to sleep for the night (yes, i am hardcore downloader), inevitably i find that in the morning my connection is lying useless. Why is this problem. It cannot be with the phone because i use the same phone in linux without any hitches. Must be some problem with their default driver. And to top it all: CC always says that they "dont support browsing under linux" , which unfortunately is much much more reliable. Are your experiences same as mine?
  2. Nokia 2112 For Rconnect

    I currently use my LG FWP for connecting to the internet. I have a nokia 2112 and want to use the Freedom@night plan. Is there anyone here who uses the Nokia 2112 for browsing the net? It would be really nice if you could share your experiences about it.. RConnect for me, is THE reason to have a rel phone. <<TOPIC MERGED >> Thanks Rajan! -- Chirag
  3. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Yes you can do it.. just right click the file (in bitpim) .. do as save as and save it to your hard disk.. then rename the file to image1.bmp.. you can now see the contents of the file easily.. to upload wallpapers. the the image shoud beexactly the same size as the images on the phone.. additionally the image must use 256 indexed colors.. Please see my posts in this thread to know in detail how to do it..
  4. It would be really nice to know what kinds of dialers the people use.. In my view the windows dialer for rconect is really pathetic... its buggy and unstable Using Linux with RConnect is still a grey area and usually people do not go for it (though it is not as difficult as it seems)
  5. Today my FWP (Fixed Wireless Phone orDabba Phone) was refusing to connect to the internet.. Usualy we see the phrase "Dialling PPP data".. on the screen but today it was showing "dialling modem data" and after that i saw a messaga saying "Data Service Unavailable" I am primarily a linux user.. so i thought may be i had a problem with the linux drivers for it (they were originally meant for the 2130 and i hacked it somehow to suit my FWP) So i tried windows and got the same problem with an error code of 0678 (there is no answer) In the diagnostic tests in kppp under linux i saw that the modem was giving the error "No Carrier Signal" when i was dialling.. so i thought that the problem must be in the initialization string of the modem After a few calls to *333, i found out that the initialzation strings have changed!! ( I can say this for sure because i had used the same drivers in windows and linux before and not faced any problems Earlier the string in windows used to be something like ATS7... and in linux i was connecting with a simple atz;at+cta=30 but now the initialization string should be AT+CRM=1;$LGPKT=3 I would be really happy if someone could explain me the meaning of LGPKT=3.. I am now connecting using kppp which is really nice and stable and offers far better diagnostics than any windows dialer. I hope by sharing this info with you will save you lot of frustation and hair puling.. If you are using Rconnect in linux, i would sure like to know your view..
  6. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Hi all, here's how you do it I assume you all are familiar with bitpim and have downloaded PSMplayer now here's what you have to do.. 1) download a ringtone from rimweb.com ( there are plenty of them in rimweb for the RD2030) 2) Open the mid file in PSMPLayer and from File menu choose Create SMAF->40 chord smaf. You will get a .mmf file 3) remove the .mmf extension and rename it to mhlsnd1 , 2 or 3. ( these names should exist in the locsound directory of your phone ie you should have already downloaded some ringtone from RWorld) 4) open the phone filesystem in BitPim ( i use .62) and in the locsound choose mhlsndx(where x is 1 2 or 3) and choose the overwrite option 5) Voila.. you have the new ringtone on your phone .. but the name of the ringtone will remain the same as original ..
  7. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Guys, we use Indexed colouring (which means we reduce the fullcolors to the 256 most-used colours in the image) The phone can display all 65k colours but the images have to 256 indexed for eg a sunset picture will have all the shades of crimson, yellow and black but no green so the phone can display all kinds of crimson and yellow , but the image need not be very big smart solution to the problem ... i have given a step-bystep guide to doing it at http://www.rimweb.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=855 Any info on how to upload ringtones for the 7130? i have seen that the other ringtones supplied for the 2030 do not work on the 7130
  8. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Here's what you need to change the wallpapers for the LG RD 7130: 1) the handset itself: 2) A usb data cable (should work with the serial cable too, though i havent tested it on it ) 3) Bitpim program (http://bitpim.sourceforge.net/) (free download) 4) Adobe Photoshop (or some other image manipulation program you are comfortable with) I also suppose you are comfortable with working with BitPim If not please read: http://www.ngcoders.com/index.php?page=rd2030&aid=intro the instructions given there are for the LG RD 2030 , so what is shown in the diagrams on the page will differ from what you'll see in bitpim., but beyond that the basics are the same ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's how you do it: (please note that the instructions that i have given are for Adobe Photoshop.. if you use any other image manipulation program, please follow the same steps and execute the corresponding commands in that program) 1) Make a new image of 120 x 128 pixels 2) Next you need to change the color mode to 256 colour indexed mode for this you will find "modes" in the image menu. go to modes-> indexed mode. select 256 colors and leave all the settings as default 3) save the image as BMP.. ignore the warinings (if any) 4) Fire BitPim 5) Expand the + directory ( main directory) and look for directory called pictures 6) Expand pictures and then you will see something like image1 16440 image2 16440 image3 16440 imageh1 20 imageh2 20 imageh3 20 the imagex (where x is 1, 2 or 3) contain the actual image data and the imagehx ( again where x is i 2 or 3) contain the names of the images as they show up on the phone Now what you have to do is to simply right-click the image1 (or 2 or 3) file that you want to change and select "overwrite" and then point to the file you had made above (dont worry , a dialog box will pop up which will allow you to do it) REMEMBER: 1) NEVER TOUCH THE imagehx FILES!! THEY ARE FILE NAMES AND YOU SHOULD LEAVE THEM AS IT IS 2) REMEBER TO BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA ON THE PHONE USING BITPIM. I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR PHONE i however assert that there was no damage to my phone by using the above appraoch.. so it should work fine on your phone Feedback/Criticism/suggestions are always welcome
  9. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Hi Vignan and Danny I am using a USB cable and i am using BitPim .62 as my software Vignan, i think i was pretty close to screwing up my phone, thanks (but i will still continue to experiment .. the transparent wallpaper was cool) I have a problem to solve - i have to determine the file format which is being used and how to upload the damn wallpapers SAFELY. Didnt do much today.. and i am running a bit busy now.. may be i will do it in a week or so. But i will first back up my entire phone , just in case btw i also discovered the following thing.. Lots of Java applets (in my case 40) are stored files. they are basicall J2ME files. I think i can run my own Java applets on the phone by uploading them .. Will try this and report my progress If we are able to upload Java applets it should be real fun.. also. i noted (after analyzing the hex dumps of the .jar files) that many of the files contain many email addresses and urls too.. Also , it is possible to view SMS on the PC .. in not a very compact form though, but it still works. there may be a way to send sms from the pc too.. that also has to be looked into Thanks for all the support/feedback/criticism guys Keep it coming will keep you posted Manish
  10. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    hi ashok, the image1 starts with a BM8 in the beginning in the file, and thus i think it may be a BMP file after all,.. But i will try to decode it and see thanks for the info Regards Manish
  11. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Editing wallpapers on the RD7130 the contents of the picture directory are as follows: ( i am using bitpim .62 ) - picture |-image1 16440 |-imgh1 64 |-sort 20 the numbers next to filenames is their image sizes in bytes... the contents of the sort file are: 00000000 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ................ 0000010 ff ff ff ff .... I do not know what it means the imgh1 file contains the name of the wallpaper (Rani1) in The image1 contains the actual wallpaper and as i have mentioned before is of size 16440b I have noticed one more unusal thing : you can set a TRANSPARENT WALLPAPER! this happened accidentally . i uploaded a BMP full color file and did not upload the heeader.. initially the wallpaper did not change and the phone rebooted then after booting i went into the messages menu and after checking my inbox i pressed the END button to get out of all menus at once To my surprise, the screen did not change, and i thought i had screwed up the phone. then i noticed that although the screen had not changed much, i could see the banner i had set in the bottom of the screen! so this became my transparent wallpaper! enter into any menu, press END and that becomes the wallpaper. i did not post for a few days since i wanted to see if anything bad happens to my phone surprisingly it is completely ok!! will keep posting further progress! (and what a hell of a crunch series we are having with the pakis!) Regards Manish
  12. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    Directory Structure of the 7130 ( a + sign next to a name indicates that the menu item has subdirectories) / |-$SYS.FACTORY |-$USER_DIRS |-RDM_PORT_MAP |-ams + |-brew + |-data + |-locsound + |-nvm + |-picture + |-pim + |-sch + |-t9udb + |-wavelet + The ringtones are stored in the locsound directories in the 7130 as opposed to the medl directory in the 2030 The contents of locsound directory are mhlsnd1 mhlsndh1 mhlsnd2 mhlsndh2 since i have two downloaded ringtones in my phone also mhlsnd1 contains the song data and mhlsndh1 contains the song name or "header" . that is why the extra h is there . i am not sure of the above fact , but i think that is largely the case after examining file sizes and hex dumps i have yet to investigate how to upload the midi files onto the phone , will try it out and report as soon as successfull wish me luck! manish
  13. Tutorials to Tweak LG RD 7130

    first of all, i would like to thank all you guys for the help and the support some of you are really intelligent geeks., i must add. I will keep posting messages here on my progress to hack the LG RD 7130 (And. today's been a good day to start hacking .. india won a real thriller against Pak)
  14. hello everyone, this is my first post on rimweb.com. i own an LG RD 7130. the manual and the website (the reliance website ) say that it is possible to sync the phone's address book with the PC and vice versa i have the cd and the cable from reliance . but it does not contain such software could anyone point me to any online/offline resouces so that i could refer to it and interface my phone from the PC, Also, is it possibe to upload/download tones/wallpapers from the RD7130? i would also like to know if doing the above would be legal or not Regards Manish