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  1. Diary Sized Branded Laptop For Rs.14999/-

    ASUS is doing great in the UMPC market.. I Am just waiting up for the release of the model AsusEEE 8G eeePC It gives a mac book pro look
  2. Airtel 8mbps Launched!

    The plans are horrible. I was getting good speeds yesterday nite. And now they r back to the bad old 256'
  3. Free Sms India - To Any Mobile Phone !

    Found another Service.. Thought this would be the appropriate place to post it.. since i have started this topic SMS-KWIK
  4. Blackberry Launch

    8830 is priced at 33990.00 8703 e cdma is priced at 23990.00 It has not been officially launched, likely to be launched on the 8th of September. What is the purpose. doesn't even have WLAN.. I am just waiting for Google to kill the Cell Phone Market..
  5. Nokia Phones Contacts/address Book Problem !

    Thanks Kumaar for replying.. I think i solved the problem. I saved the number also for "Emergency". My bad.. So repetition made the issue. Anyway nice knowing the other Nokia Bug. .. I checked it but couldn't replicate ur thing..
  6. Boost In Airtel Broadband Speed

    where are u guys located ? . I am getting the same old 32-35 KBytes download speeds. (i m at hyd)
  7. Guys, I am coming across a problem with my Nokia 2112. I have stored a number 93xxxxxxxx to my reliance mobile under a contact and every thing was fine till recently, when i updated the existing number of this contact with a new number. Now whenever calls/sms's are made to this number. Only the number is shown and not the Contact Name. Searching through the net, i found out ppl concluding that it is a bug that existing from the basic handsets to the n-series as well and duplicate contact entry leads to this. I have removed one of the contact entries to detect which other name the same number is stored. and can conclude that my phone doesn't have a repeated contact entry for the same number. Even in other formats such as Preceding with a 0 or Country code This problem is occurring only for a single number that has been updated.. Just in case any one wants to suggest this.. Rebooting a mobile didn't help either.. Need Help ! This quite irritating.. p.s - i searched for a similar topic but couldn't find any on RimWeb..
  8. Surprisingly.. From the morning post of a "clean" task bar.. I came here to write the same suggestion.. Way to go SS_rakesh !
  9. Free Sms India - To Any Mobile Phone !

    Did i over see anything ? .. Download the Gadget ?? . You can try the app at the website given JSplash.com
  10. If there is anything i need in Task Bar, i suppose Third Party applz are already pop'ng up !.. I need a "clean" task Bar ~~ PEACE ~~
  11. Free Sms India - To Any Mobile Phone !

    Possible.. But i already get Crap calls/sms's .. nothing new for me .
  12. Ppl, Was just browsing some gadgets and came across this Google Desktop Gadget to send SMS to mobiles in India I did send an sms.. Took a couple of mins but the sms did reach me . Looks like this guy also created the web version of the Google Gadget @ JSplash.com. Worth a look . ~~ PEACE ~~~
  13. is this still working ? .. It wasnt for me.. And in the new live hotmail .. i cant even find Reliance in the Drop down.
  14. Unsolicited Threads On Forum.

    I have observed that some spam bots have reverse engineered the "captcha".. So i tried "Akismet" with my blog (comments section is really prone to such attacks). But i think it doenst support for IPBoard(it surely does for phpBB) .. there should be something like the already for IPBoard too. Just an idea.. Cheers
  15. Word Assosiation