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  1. Email2sms

    Hi, The world's best online calendar www.kiko.com is willing to support Reliance Infocomm for SMS alerts. They need an Email2SMS gateway for Reliance to support this. If anyone knows it, please tell me so that I can inform them. You can even directly post the info to their forum: http://forum.kiko.com/topic/7 To have a look at kiko, visit http://www.kiko.com
  2. All About Nokia 6255

    Also, the Sony erricson walkman series has a good amplification + quality sound. This is because the headset which comes with them is of the same type I am talking about. It connects to the phone using its proprietory interface but has a standard 3.5 mm jack at the other end. You can any earphones of your choice, although the Sony erricson earplugs supplied are good enough. They also block the outside noise with some robber cover instead of the standard foam based covers.
  3. All About Nokia 6255

    I bought this phone a few days back and am completly satusfied with it. I was looking for a S60 phone but I think I can do with this until Reliance launches a S60 handset . I would like to thank tanveer 'cause his detailed review helped me a lot in choosing this phone . I have used almost all the features of the phone and I think that the phone is wonderful. I have put in a 512MB card (Kingston) and have filled it 75% with music and images and the phone's response time hasn't decreased. Although there is a pause in opening of gallery etc., but its less than 1/2 a second and I think its bearable. Also, I have successfully created and executed some J2ME apps on the phone. Since everyone has discussed the good features of the phone, I will highlight some of things I didn't like in it: Unable to lock the keypad automatically Being a music lover, I am not satisfied with the amplification of the phone. I mean while driving or in a vehicle, the engine and the traffic sound supress the music. I wonder if the Nokia Audio Adapter AD-15 works with this phone. Anyone having an idea? This adapter goes into the pop-port and has a standard 3.5 mm jack to plug in earphones of your choice. So, music lovers can use quality earphones. Although the phone is not in the list of compatible handsets for the adapter, I think it might work since it is also based on the standard pop-port.
  4. Nokia 6255 Blues

    Hi Mahinder, From where did you buy the phone for that price? I am also planning to buy this phone. Please inform me if you know any shop in Bangalore which can give me the phone on that price. Thanx.
  5. not available on GTRAN
  6. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    I guess the handsets are now seperated from the service. Nokia now manages the distribution of all its handsets (GSM + CDMA) across India.
  7. Nokia 6235 - Speculations Before Launch

    Here is the link: http://www.nokia.co.in/nokia/0,,74486,00.html
  8. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    Ok. Thanks. How is series 40 version 3? Is it there in any GSM model so that we can experience the L n F ? I have seen series 60 in many GSM phones. I have seen many applications for the same. I have seen some phones with series 40 also. Is version 3 significantly different from previous versions ?
  9. Nokia 6155 CDMA

    Check this out: http://www.nokia.co.in/nokia/0,8764,72118,00.html Some key features: - Integrated 1 megapixel camera with flash LED and 8x digital zoom - Video download, record and playback - 16MB internal dynamic memory for more space to store downloaded games and applications - Large internal 262K color display (128 x 160 pixels) - Customizable 65K color external display (96 x 65 pixels) - Integrated FM radio - 64 polyphonic MIDI, MP3 and video ringtones - Audio and video streaming - Java™ games and applications available for download for phone customization and personalization One of the drawbacks that I see is no expandable memory. What would I do with a megapizel cam and MP3 phone with only 16 MB memory ? Else, this phone seems better than 6255. Some of my sources at DAKC told me that this phone is under consideration by Reliance and maybe launched soon. The price may also be lesser than 6255 .
  10. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    Check this out: http://www.nokia-asia.com/nokia/0,,74933,00.html Some key features: - 2 megapixel camera with flash and zoom - High-resolution, 262,144 color display (240 x 320 pixels) - 64-voice polyphonic MIDI, MP3 and video ringing tones - FM radio - Advanced audio and video streaming - Advanced Bluetooth technology - Expandable memory (miniSD memory card sold separately) - Enhanced voice dialing - Integrated handsfree speaker Its planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2005. Any ideas whether Reliance is considering it ? Hopefully this has Series 60 OS.
  11. How Infocomm Shot Itself

    attaway vb86!
  12. Someother Ringtone Rings From Bsnl Landline

    most probably you have chosen a custom ringtone for the landline number. the default ringtone works only for numbers for which you have selected "None" in the ringtones section in the contact details. To solve it, search for the landline number in your phbook, scroll down to the ringtone section and select "None".
  13. Sending Ringtone As Email

    the format is: 9193xxxxxxxx@mms.ricmail.com
  14. All about LG 6130 - Camera Phone

    Answers: 1. No, you can only send MMS to RIM phones. When you try sending a MMS to a GSM phone(Airtel, Hutch etc.), the phone says sent, although, the MMS is not received. 2. Yes. 3. Good. But not as good as Nokia phones. But certainly better than previous models. 4. I am assuming you r question to be: "Can I clearly see its screen in sunlight"? The answer is No. Since its a CSTN display, its not clearly visible in sunlight. The LG 6000 has a TFT screen, which is better and clearly visible in sunlight. 5. Yes.
  15. All about LG RD6000

    M facing the same problem since yesterday. Seems like Reliance has blocked incomimg mail to ricmail.com from yahoo Anyone with a solution??