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  1. Nokia C5 Lands In India

    1 Query: Is this phone also support document editing like excel files with math formula support or someone has any trick to enable editing.
  2. Apart from my Experience Samsung's only shows the better signal but in that scenario voice is worse compared to others.
  3. Well ,Well 1.5 paise means 90paise per minute
  4. Nokia 3806

    100% True my friend therefore CDMA rocks. & in present scenario there is no problem with handsets & battery backup they are very decent.
  5. TATA DOCOMO Offers Per-Second Billing for Roaming Across India http://telecomtalk.info/tata-docomo-offers-per-second-billing-for-roaming-across-india/13375/#more-13375
  6. Bsnl Introduces Prepaid Broadband

    It might be unfair but till now in general scenario in prepaid value of pack or MRP is less than postpaid. But it is never true with BSNL.
  7. Celebration Plan Prepaid

    Well sir u r giving detail about postpaid & Here maximum are in prepaid ( for which i had given details) & also in Rim prepaid where they had removed free Reliance telecom (SmartGSM) calling for Rs 499 in 7 circles of their operations. In present scenario when tata docomo has boomed Tata indicom initiative of calling free mutually is a great step. Whereas great reliance had removed mutual unlimited free
  8. What is this "LAPU" Very funny name but it is commonly used name for Erecharge sim provided to retailers.
  9. Celebration Plan Prepaid

    In Tata Indicom, Confirmed for M.P Circle. Benefits of Unlimited T2T vouchers for Local Rs 255 & Rs 699 for STD is expanded to Virgin Mobile & also TATA Docomo. i.e. with this vouchers we can talk free local & Std to Virgin & Tata Docomo also. Triple Benefit with single recharge.
  10. Micromax C2i Cdma Mobile

    LG 3530 is also very good looking sleek handset
  11. Micromax C2i Cdma Mobile

    CDMA is famous for voice clarity & high hearing volume. But this phone has very low volume even low than old days GSM phones. & even low in headphones than earpiece.good for battery backup. buggy software while dialing (dial list)very slow interface. High radiation emission. But i was fed up of hearing volume.
  12. Tata Docomo STD 1p/sec offer is introductory & they are reverting back to default 2p/sec. Thats why all distributors have blocked sim supply. As i have read in their website also that only std is introductory offer not local.
  13. Seems Tata Docomo Upari Mala overloaded with 1 paisa. What type of details will be sent over blank sms
  14. Battery Life Comparison Between Cdma/gsm

    Well, TATA Indicom network provides more battery backup in handsets which also supports Reliance Network. Like Nokias.
  15. Rcom Gsm Introduces Std At 50ps/min

    Virgin Has Limitations also. So blaming any company for looting is not fare. every plan is good for different groups of people. Reliance cdma has introduced this @Rs 39 per month.Virgin plan is as follows STD Calls @ 50p/min Only first 3 STD mins of the day, would be charged @ Rs.1.50/min STD calls @ 50p/min subject to a maximum of 30min per day. (Above mentioned tariff is not applicable for Discounted or Free calls)