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  1. Just got a TPLINK MR 3220 3g router. This is to share my Reliance netconnect ZTE AC2726 across 2 machines. All the settings have been set right as per the other SMC router thread on rimweb and connects fine.. The signal is 100% But the connection happens very rarely and then drops in some time The router gives a message that its "Identifying" or the modem is "Unplugged".. ZTE AC2726 is there in the compatibility list officially on the TPLink site as well.... Please help!! Thanks in advance.
  2. Experience With Spice Mi300

    "Free : a. Samsung QT50 Dual GSM SIM QWERTY handset (MRP 2999)" Small correction.. QT50 is a Spice model my friend.
  3. HD Quality Voice Calls

    @Karthik.. The narrowband voice of public switched telephone network circuits operates between 300 Hz to 3.4 Khz. On the other hand, HD, or wideband, voice transmits a much wider spectrum, from 30 Hz to 7Khz which is possible only on 3G networks.. Once all operators move on to 3g, then they may look at licensing/implementing HD technology on their networks. Also note that the consonants f, s, m and n, collectively known as fricatives, are difficult to understand via narrowband but easy to distinguish with HD voice. The same is true for foreign accents and conversation that has to compete with background noise. HD voice offers double the voice quality for typical mobile calls versus mobile narrowband. And, this greatly improved quality is accomplished without increasing capacity.
  4. Well u never know.. some developer out there may have developed a "Shaving app" also for android...
  5. Requirements vary from person to person.. I use BB+ on prepaid on Rs.200/week plan.. I get 1GB for a week and on recharging towards the end of the 1 week validity; the unused data usage is carried over to the next week and so on.. It is a pain to recharge every week but I get 4gb for 800 bucks per month this way.. Took the prepaid decision after some billing issues on my postpaid BB+
  6. HD Quality Voice Calls

    Some more info... With AMR or AMR-WB, mobile radio systems are able to use available bandwidth as effectively as possible. For example, in GSM it is possible to dynamically adjust the speech encoding rate during a session so as to continuously adapt to the varying transmission conditions by dividing the fixed overall bandwidth between speech data and error protective coding. This enables the best possible trade-off between speech compression rate and error tolerance. To perform mode adaptation, the decoder (speech receiver) needs to signal the encoder (speech sender) the new mode it prefers. This mode change signal is called Codec Mode Request or CMR. Both codecs support voice activity detection (VAD) and generation of comfort noise (CN) parameters during silence periods. Hence, the codecs have the option to reduce the number of transmitted bits and packets during silence periods to a minimum. The operation of sending CN parameters at regular intervals during silence periods is usually called discontinuous transmission (DTX) or source controlled rate (SCR) operation. The AMR or AMR-WB frames containing CN parameters are called Silence Indicator (SID) frames. Read the RFC here for more info
  7. Source A growing number of mobile operators are rolling out HD voice in their networks, allowing customers with compatible phones to make calls with better voice quality. The operators have been encouraged to invest in the technology by an increase in the number of compatible phone models, according to a report from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). The improved voice quality is possible thanks to Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB), a speech compression algorithm that doubles the range of voice frequencies transmitted, resulting in sound comparable to FM radio according to French operator Orange. The technology has been a slow starter. Back in 2006 Ericsson and T-Mobile announced they had conducted the first trial of the technology in a commercial network. However, in the last couple of months the technology has started to take off, in large part thanks to Orange, which has been the biggest proponent so far. Orange has launched Mobile HD Voice in seven of the countries where it operates networks: Moldova, France, Armenia, the UK, Spain (in the Catalonia region), Belgium and Egypt (in Cairo). In 2011, Orange subscribers in Switzerland, the rest of Egypt, Luxembourg and the Dominican Republic will also be able to make calls, according to the operator. Other operators that have added HD voice in the last three months include SFR in France, Vipnet in Croatia, Tata DOCOMO in India and Megafon in Russia, according to GSA. Telstra in Australia and 3 in the UK, as well as a number of other unnamed operators, are testing the technology, GSA president Alan Hadden said. The growing interest among operators is helped by the availability of more phones that can make and receive HD voice calls: for the technology to work, both parties to the call must use phones and networks that support AMR-WB, according to Hadden. At first, the Nokia 6720c was the only phone that could offer the improved sound quality. However, Orange has now added the N8 and E5 from Nokia, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the HTC Desire HD to its line-up of compatible phones. The line-up also includes the 5230 and E72 from Nokia and Sony Ericsson's Elm, the company said. The addition of more phones, in combination with increasing awareness among operators and more public demonstrations that allow users to hear the difference should help HD voice take off on larger scale, Hadden said.
  8. @Satish.. ur case seems to be one of a kind I think. There seems something amiss in terms of communication or understanding between the webworld and the CAF processing backend. Can someone from our community cast some light on the escalation matrix at Reliance.
  9. 1 month.. Satish has mentioned "Webworld gives no response" Is this the same outlet where u purchased the data card. This much time to activate a postpaid connection is pathetic. If they were so bent on checking a customer's credentials before activating his postpaid connection, then they should have taken partial amount in advance, checked the address/documents and then activated the connection on full payment. Reliance's activation process may be different from what i have quoted above but what good is a process if doesn't serve the customer well!
  10. Samsung Mpowertxt M369

    on the Mpowertxt 369 can we use google talk and pull mail? One more thing, are there internet packs available from RCDMA for prepaid customers?
  11. Note that this phone has GPS with maps loaded and has an OLED display maybe the cam at 2mp is a pitfall and yes.. wat about the OS.. is it the plain old chinese/korean java one...
  12. 3g.. gsm.. what about prepaid Reliance Broadband+ users like me.. I am an entry level user and need to pay Rs.250 for 300MB. Dont they even care about their prepaid RCDMA data customers..?? MTS has come out with virtually unlimited data for 1k long back and reliance still doesnt have a plan competing with the same..
  13. Its good... Atleast people will not keep changing numbers frequently cuz getting numbers will become a time-consuming process..
  14. Rajan ji.. Virtualbox's development may stop in the future. The other alternative we have is Xen, but we have to note the point that Hitesh is a novice unix user and we cant push too much on him. Xen is a virtualization platform which needs a good command on the shell rather than the GUI.. As a startin point, let him start with a GUI driven linux virtualization platform.. then maybe he will move in to the deep deep world of unix and opensource..
  15. Dont even worry Hitesh bhai.. Will help you.. and thats what Rimweb is all about!! So go ahead and shoot ur doubts/clarifications on this post or PIM me and will take u thru step by step. To start off with.. below are a few steps 1. Download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ("Lucid Lynx") from http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download (Choose 32-bit/64-bit) based on ur server's configuration. (Also let me know if ur server is a single processor or multiprocessor machine) 2. Download Virtualbox for Ubuntu at http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads 3. Installing Ubuntu on the server is pretty straightforward.. in fact its easier than Windows.. just select the default disk slice (partition) sizes. Please message me or reply to this post so that we can go forward with the virtual machine configuration process. Cheers!!