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  1. @KanagaDeepan : Thank you got mine 20 gb cloud space
  2. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    kanishk ji, please pm me your mobile no and address as i think your message folder is full and i cant send pm to you.
  3. Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 CDMA Works On GSM SIM!

    had you updated portico update??? as after portico update madhivanan's lumia 822 locked sms function
  4. please give other details like price, discount you got, exchange benefit, reason for going for this model specifically.
  5. oh no.......... it seems more problem ahead.... actually my brother in law is having this from last one year but no problem so think of getting this, as lamington seller also says brother service is worst but i didn't trusted him. i thought he was promoting hp. thanks for sharing your experience as that might help other buyers.
  6. Bought all in one laser printer brother DCP 7065 DN price 11500 Rs from Lamington road.(after too much negotiation as they are quoting 12000 RS) main plus point for going for this printer against samsung 3206W is 1. auto duplex 2. higher yield toner (2600 pages) 3. no chip in toner so easy to refill. (can be done at home) just wireless printing is not there which was there in samsung 3206w but as 7065 dn is network printer so that wouldn't be any problem. as its just 15 days can't say about service but performance wise highly satisfied.
  7. if Laser is not a necessaity i'll recommend Epson 210 Model for around 9200 in Nehru Place Market This model is color printer and ink tank can be refilled very easily. I am using it in my office. abd most important factor it's refilling is that it officially allows refilling thanks for suggestion can you give me how much cost per page is coming as epson is saying 10 paisa per black copy and thats really very low. as my laser print also cosr 20 paisa per copy as 300 re per toner refill and 1500 pages( not counted but toner specification says 1500 pages) and after every 3- 4refilling new toner cost. so if epson inkjet gives 10 paisa thats very loss only. i think head will need to be changed after sometime . if any body can guide on this..................
  8. but it seems 3206W is having more actually 3406 W has 64 mb memory, 20 ppm and 3206W has 128 MB, 16 ppm. now a days all toner are comes with chip i dont know any toner without chip
  9. hello rajan ji, need your help, want to buy multifunction laser printer, budget is around 20k, daily printing is about 35 to 40 pages per day, want printer with easily refillable toner (lower page per cost). wireless features will be added advantage. i shortlisted samsung 3206w laser printer which is for around 11k. or brother 7860dw . as i dont know how good is samsung printer. please suggest me which one to go for and if any other better option is there thanks in advance
  10. dkaile ji mine s-2's gps never locked before but after applying solution given by its working like charm.... thanks for your solution
  11. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GSM + CDMA

    does this handset support gprs or edge in gsm, or internet through cdma only.
  12. this due to you RAJAN bhai whenver i start my pc first thing i do is to open this topic rest all work comes after this. :clap: hats off to you.........
  13. thanks rajan ji what a superb deal for pixi plus :Sorprendido: you are real dealguru.
  14. i just watch this data card link http://cgi.ebay.in/HOT-SALE-CIMCOM-FULLY-UNLOCKED-INTERNET-DATA-CARD-/160602567418?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item2564a8b2fa he is given it can be used in both gsm + cdma
  15. ^^^ ami1 is right i also need one (bluetooth earphone with recording). no smartphone is able to do it like my old lovely palm was doing.