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  1. RConnect & Linux

    Yes it is known issue and USB ports will not work properly on PCquest linux since it uses a slightly different kernel from Fedora Core 3. I would suggest that you should always stick to the kernel that stable Fedora core uses in this case the kernel version that shipped with fedora core 3. You can burn 4 cd's and install Fedora core 3 USB should work properly there. Also when you want to update any package make sure you update it only from the fedora core update site based rpm or a generic rpm for i386 or i686 or for Athlon in case you are using AMD ( By the way I am using AMD Athlon XP 2600 with 1 Gig of RAM )
  2. Frequent Disconnection

    By the way for me RConnect works very well with speeds always up above 80kbps on Fedora core 3. Refer to my post on how to configure it on Fedora core 3. You will never have this problem. I use LG LSP 340E. I had similar problem on windows and I used to run Konst pinger to keep the connection allive. Its not at all required on linux. Also you get faster speeds on linux.
  3. RConnect & Linux

    Can moderators make this as a sticky post in the required forums like RConnect
  4. RConnect & Linux

    Here is how you can configure the RConnect modem on Fedora core. You have to use kppp to dial. Just configure the settings as per the image given below and you are done. It works great with speed up to almost 110 kbps and no line drops stays connected untill you drop the line. While creating modem either select ttyS0 if you have serial cable and /dev/usb/ttyACM0 if you are using USB port. Replace the 0 with the appropriate port number here it can range from 0 to 4 or even more depending upon how many serial and usb ports that you have. Replace the Initialization string with that one which is suitable for your phone. You can find this string in the linux driver that reliance ships on its web site or just call them and they will tell you or use google or go through the manual that accompanies your phone. Just works ... No more hassles and pain.