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  1. Got in touch with some Asianet officials today. They have increased the price of the cable modem to 3950/-. (they term this as the installation charge) The modem will always be the property of Asianet. If we decide to terminate the connection within six months, they will ask us to pay 750 + taxes. (they term this also as the installation charge) Even after paying the hefty amount, we wont get the modem for ourselves (for future use with other similar ISPs)! The Dart 1999 plan will require me to pay 1999/- and additional taxes.
  2. Good review. I have some questions. 1) The cable modem price is 3500/-. Is there any minimum hire period for the service? What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the connection - and would like to disconnect it? If at all such a situation occurs, will Asianet refund the said amount (or at least a reasonable portion of it)? 2) If I take Dart 1999, will I have to pay just 1999 or 1999 + taxes? I am not familiar with the policies of this particular ISP since I have not used it earlier. Hence, these queries popped up in my mind. BTW, how is the connection now? Are you facing the same set of issues?
  3. BSNL WiMAX Review

    I wanted to check the feasibility of Wimax in my area. Applied for a connection last week; got the name and mobile number of someone who gives the connection over here. Since the guy did not show even by yesterday, I decided to call him and inquire .. He replied that BSNL has not provided him with any transportation options at the moment. So he is waiting for that to happen and only then he can turn up over here to check the feasibility.
  4. Forex Trading (Iforex, Xforex Review)

    Oh okay.
  5. Forex Trading (Iforex, Xforex Review)

    Do you have any particular broker in mind? I mean have you experienced these issues with any real world fx broker when trading with a live account? I have been trading in the FX markets since some time. Never experienced the issues posted by you with my broker (Oanda). And mind you, Oanda is commonly termed as a 'bucket shop' by many so-called 'experts'. The only thing which I do not like about Oanda is the drastic increase in the spread rates (10 - 15 pips) when a major news announcement is taking place. If one knows where to enter and place their stop loss, that too is not an issue after all.
  6. Forex Trading (Iforex, Xforex Review)

    Can you elaborate on the malpractices done by the foreign forex brokers?
  7. Collect Your Freebies !

    ^^ I had to set the marital status to married. Only then the fusion showed up on that website.
  8. Collect Your Freebies !

    True. It seems they have resumed shipping it. I just received my Gillette Fusion sample pack.
  9. BSNL WiMAX Review

    @ jijo Where are you located in TVM?
  10. Look into the tutorials on how to map this 25GB as a local drive on your internet enabled PCs. You can make good use of the 25GB space.
  11. Hi Shabab, Kindly remove my name (Praveen) from the list. I did not post asking for the wallet, my post was about the extensive nature of the freebies listed in this specific thread. Thanks for showing the courtesy to include me in the list, though.
  12. Woah, I spend a good measure of yesterday evening ordering the various freebies listed in this thread. Thanks for keeping it updated.
  13. Link opening fine over here (Reliance BB Kerala) Thanks for the info
  14. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks for the info
  15. Vote For The Best Anti-Virus!

    A word of advice to those who are running free antivirus software on their PC. Every month, if possible, download and run the latest version of Combofix in safe mode. It will find and eliminate some of the rootkits which many free antivirus software fails to detect / repair. Likewise, use something like Malwarebytes to keep the PC free of spyware.