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  1. Its time to hack the damn thing: *3001#12345# --- gets your nam menus. *#0000# ----- tells you your phone is a 6255. Duh! <TOPIC SPLITTED!>
  2. Cdma/gsm Dual Mobile

    Yeah, I don't think thats the way these phones (Motorola A840) work. Typically these phones allow you to use the CDMA service nationally and the GSM service when you roam international. So essentially Tata would give you a GSM SIM card that you can use with the phone while roaming outside India. The main advantages for this phone is that it will allow you to seamlessly switch between CDMA & GSM while roaming globally and it does not require you to store/sync phone nos/messages etc between two different (CDMA & GSM) handsets.
  3. Google Pack Adds More Apps

    The best of what... these apps were freely downloadable a long long time ago.
  4. Yeah but it doesn't work too well. It's 11 PM now in bombay (thats where I set the weather/time to). And Google shows me a sunny screen. Of course most people would have rushed out to look for the sun (but thats a different story)!
  5. Gphone

    I am most disappointed to see that people haven't yet started speculating about the gPhone and how it will cure world hunger! Cummon people lets hear how Reliance will adopt the phone and slash prices at the same time!!!
  6. Reliance Roaming In West Indies

    Are you sure thats the rate. Usually theres a service provider charge & heft tax added to it. Typically makes the calls around Rs. 90/min
  7. Motorola Moto Razor V3m

    Anurag: Dude, I don't think thats an apples to apples comparison because the V3M has EVDO and more internal memory (23 MB vs 8 MB) and some other jazz built in. The i has a better display though. But I agree with you 12.5k for a 1 year old phone (that too from Motorola) is certainly not worth it.
  8. Own A Blackberry For Rs 15,000!

    Mobile cams are pretty ****y. I'd rather go in for a E61 over the E61i. Unless the i version has some more features.
  9. Apple iPhone

    Every one and every thing is a "iPhone killer"!!!! But dudes how do you kill something that doesn't exist!!! Or that 100% of these self proclaimed experts no squat about in terms of specs/features and of course how it will do in the market. These killer reports are insane! Everything is compared to a product that not more than 5 people outside Apple have seen/touched for not more than 10 minutes each. If you see a touch screen phone people... call it a touch screen phone.
  10. Rconnect What's New

    EVDO probably will be launched around mid 2008, but don't hold your breath. What do you mean by antenna? you mean a signal booster? why do you need that?
  11. Bsnl Broadband Tarrif Slashed

    Yeah BSNL/MTNL guys are lucky. Upto 2 Mbps! Wow!!! But its not available on the unlimited downloads scheme!!!
  12. In that case HP they will close their CDMA business... and move it all the GSM? Is that what you're saying.
  13. I really don't think that can be technologically done, i.e. keeping the voice calls in CDMA & data in WCDMA. Of course dual mode handsets are available nowadays at premium pricing. However none of them can run both modes simultaneously. So CDMA players can either go EVDO or rot in hell. HP dude seem to through a lot of engineering hoola at us dumb non-techie folk. Somehow you don't want to agree that WCDMA stuff cant run on CDMA handsets. Just three questions... how can CDMA and WCDMA exist in the same space? Has anyone ever done it? What makes you think RIM will?
  14. 2 points to make: 1. Vodafone bought the 67% stake for US$ 11.1 b not $19 b. 2. HP dude - its going to be EVDO not WCDMA for RIM moving forward.
  15. New Zero Rental Data Plans

    Yups thats right Arun.
  16. Skype On Netconnect

    WCDMA isnt backward compatible with CDMA at all. So I really doubt if they're testing it.
  17. Skype On Netconnect

    hpnasik: despite similar names WCDMA is actually an upgrade of GSM. Reliance will have to go for some version of EVDO which is a CDMA technology. aksha: lowering your speed wont help in this case... because the problem is that the connection will completely drop at times. Its best to keep an active ping and if you can set the interval to every 5 seconds or so.
  18. Vista Launched

    For Aero capability you'll need: DirectX 9-class GPU that supports: * A WDDM Driver * Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware * 32 bits per pixel * Atleast 256 MB RAM for decent performance The minimum requirements for graphics cards from the major vendors include the Radeon 9500 from ATI Technologies and the GeForce FX from NVIDIA.
  19. Skype On Netconnect

    yeah exactly deepu. It isnt peak speed thats an issue here. its (in)consistency that phucks up a voice call. In a voice call, every packet counts... drop a few and there goes the call. EV-DO is a next gen technology that won't be launched in India till mid 2008 at least.
  20. Handsets Displayed On Cdg.org.. Were They Launched?

    Yeah the 603 used to cost around 18k as did the 563 when it was launched. Prices came down a bit afterwards and there was an exchange offer for the 563 too!
  21. Relaince V/s Airtel

    Way to go.... as long as they didn't engage the services of the umpire before hand!
  22. Skype On Netconnect

    Yeah RConnect isnt the best tool for voice calls because you don't always get a consistent connection/throughput. You should only try voice calls with a broadband connection that has a stable throughput.
  23. Handsets Displayed On Cdg.org.. Were They Launched?

    A563 and A603 were launched years ago and have been discontinued for quite a while now. The A308 was never launched but probably due to the fact that EVDO has been delayed and delayed and delayed....
  24. Vista Launched

    Uummm actually it was beaten on the day it was launched. Heres what happened: Vista (the 2 biz editions) can run with the help of local license servers. This means that for large corporations who purchase thousands of licenses.... they can run a server in house to validate their copy of Vista. This check needs to be done every 6 months. The license servers however don't need to check back with M$. So some smart dudes have found a way to fake a license server. So all you need to do is patch your Vista to check the fake license server (which will of course validate you right away)! Only limitation is that you can validate the 2 business editions only.