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  1. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    So many people planning to wait for jio but what is the report for Jio network? Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I recd same message in mumbai Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  3. Dear all i have a us cellular moto x 1st gen want to unlock to gsm even though i am from it field dont have much experience in mobile software processes can anybody from mumbai help me thanxs in advance jasmin shah 9323023707
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I stay in Borivali and recd sim by courier even my friend also recd we both are on 650 unlimited plan Sent from my M5 using Tapatalk
  5. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    today I heard from a tata docomo store person that even docomo cdma is also switching to 4G in few months.. can any one through light on this..like future of tata docomo cdma..?? I was talking to somebody in tata he said they will stop cdma before 2017
  6. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    @inception i am using rel cdma in mumbai and last 2 days many calls get disconnected after few sec jasmin shah
  7. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Will gionee m5 will work with 4g What are the chances of continuing with CDMA for some time Currently network issues seems to be more
  8. dear all I got the golden one from flipkart great phone as far as battery is considered also got the 650/- plus s.t all unlimited plan after putting in port request have couple of queries/issues conference call did no happen as 1st party keeps getting disconnected voice of other person is low need to use headphone for better clarity I don't see any button showing all apps making things difficult pl guide if possible thanks in advance jasmin
  9. want to buy this one but is out of stock on flipkart any ideas jasmin
  10. this one not showing any emrgency button i tried touching all corneres also thanxs a lot for all the help will try again in office today
  11. dear sir its stuck at language selection screen does not go to dialer at all jasmin shah
  12. hi what are they going to launch CDMA or GSM? any ideas jasmin shah
  13. Dear hiteshji i did reach this stage and seem to have goofed up some value in the sequence now it is stuck in language selection screen need the way to go ahead jasmin
  14. it gets conncted successfully but when i say read it says Failed..phone does not answer trying to read forums and find a solution thanxs for the tip any more suggestions jasmin
  15. thanxs silver1 long time back i had all this in my pc let me see if i still have meanwhile if you have any links to cdma workshop dl or steps of writing the min no that will be really helpful (i have all the details like min no etc with me) let me try find the tool and do it