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  1. Lost My Cell Reliance 6275

    Dear savramesh... what you said is exactly right and same thing i asked at Reliance Web World, there answer was like this "When you insert new sim to cell, then sim get registered with Reliance netwrok not the Cell phone, & this happen with only simless phone that is CDMA phone which does not sim. If your phone is simless then it can be locked and no one can use and also it is traceable if mobile is switch on" Still i suspect there could be some technology to find lost cell... and I am in try to get that technology :-)
  2. Lost My Cell Reliance 6275

    Hi! Friends, I purchased reliance 6275 CDMA phone from Mumbai,a month back, but I lost it on 27th october 2008. I have logged the complaint with Police. I approached Nokia gallery and Reliance Web World to lock my cell phone or trace my cell phone. but i was informed that, Nokia phones cannot be traced nither be locked, just forget that mobile and buy new one. Any way I purchased new cell and transfered my old number to new cell. Mobile Detials: MODEL NO. 6275 NOKIA SKU:- HSNK01B16275 RSN:- RNKMQI329189 ESN:- *********** my cell no. 9322665517 Please help if there is any method to find my mobile or lock my mobile. Sibinkumar Mumbai