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  1. Looking for 32inch WIFI enabled LED TV,budget is 30k to 35k. Any good deal ??
  2. Android Mobiles From India

    How is Croma CRCB2243? Has anybody used it. Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS Quad Core, 1.2 GHz Processor 5 inch qHD IPS Touchscreen 10 MP Primary Camera G-Sensor, Auto Focus
  3. Suggest Dual SIM GSM Handset

    Thanks for your inputs......
  4. Suggest Dual SIM GSM Handset

    Friends, I am looking for New/Used Dual SIM GSM Android Phone for around 10k. ICS+Dual Camera+Screen size less than 5 Inches is preferred, I am confused to choose from Sony Xperia Tipo Dual,Spice Mi-425,Lava Xolo A700 & Micromax Ninja. Please suggest a good handset within this budget. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Somebody please guide me how to convert Blackberry backup file (.bbb) to .ipd format. I want to extract contacts to excel. Tried with utilities like blackberry extractor and phoneminer but those are trial versions only,not able to transfer contacts more than 5. Please help.
  6. Great.....already +1 ned...... :-)
  7. Downloading Mode in Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA?

    Hi Rahul, My I-559 also shows wrong location all the time.I need to manually update it through Packet Data Option.
  8. Huawei C8150 - RUIM Locked

    Hi, I am having Huawei C8150 (cdma ideos - Android 2.2) which is RUIM locked. I am getting message of "RUIM HRPD unlock pin" whenever RUIM is inserted. Please guide me how to resolve this.
  9. How To Get Data On Palm

    it will show developer mode icon , turn it on d) go to startmenu --run --type cmd e) it will open up command prompt f) just type following then type the following now it will show root@castle:/# ←[J now just type done it will ask u for pre drivers and direct to to location where u have it g) now just go to qpst and connect to corresponding com port 2) setting data in qpst when data isn't provisioned on palm pre , u will just see signal bars and battery indicator thats all see this pic of my palm pre without data http://img230.images...7/imag0006z.jpg 1) open up qpst 2) press read from phone , it will ask for spc code , put in 000000 or whatever spc u have 3) go to mip tab and in "mobile ip behaviour" select "simple ip only" 4) u will see user profiles , click on profile 1 and press edit 5) it will open up profile 1 edit screen , clcik tab profile enable 6) in NAI write xyz@sprintpcs.com 7) teethered NAI xyz@modem sprintpcs.com 8) check rev tunnel preferred 9) make primary HA HOME HA AND SECONDARY HA ADDRESS 10) press ok and click write to phone see below two screenshots from my pre to get an idea http://img169.images...01oct020004.gif http://img101.images...02oct020004.gif 11) now go to ppp tab u will see an option of username and password, go to UM and AN TABS and write username and password , in this case i wrote it as username - UTS@ relianceinfo.com password- i4gE7DW ( u can put any other username password) click write to phone 12) now press read from phone tab and make sure all settings are there 3) setting up data on handset 1) from ur phone dialpad dial ##evdo# ie ##3836# and select 1xrtt http://img401.images...8/imag0019a.jpg 2) from ur phone dialpad dial ##data# go to browser and zero PRIMARY /SECONDAY NCG and ports done now reboot ur phone if all settings are configured properly ur data will start working u will see a 1x sign next to signal bars ( 1x sign indicates data is activated , if u dont see1x sign it means ur settings are not proper) see pic of my handset after data got provisioned http://img101.images...72/imag0008.jpg Hi, Can same process can be applied for activating 1x Data on Verizon Palm Pixi Plus too ??
  10. Advice needed for using Palm Pixi Plus

    voila.....its done with the help of hitesh's keygen. Thanks Aakash,Genious, Hitesh and Rajan ji.... Many +1s to you all
  11. Advice needed for using Palm Pixi Plus

    Aalok, Maine already photo change kar diya hai....apni billi ko pareshan mat karo
  12. Advice needed for using Palm Pixi Plus

    Good One Rajan Ji.....just changed my Photo to avoid more confusion Geniuos :- I'm still getting same error message and its asking me to enter Diag Code. May be I'm doing it the wrong way. I have just turned OFF Developer Mode too and tried by punching ##USBPASS# but still no use What to do next?
  13. Advice needed for using Palm Pixi Plus

    Deep_kumar :- I assume you are not getting the options of Just Charge or USB drive.... If that' the case then open you dialer and punch ##usbpass# i.e ##8727277# it will open a new card. You will see DIAG in the second option. Just change it to NONE. and you are good to go. Hi, I am also not getting the options of Just Charge or USB drive after connecting Pixi Plus via USB cable to PC.I am getting message "please enter diag authorization code" after punching ##usbpass#. Mine handset is WebOs 1.4.0(Verizon). Can anybody tell me this code?
  14. All Kind of Softwares

    Hi, Can anybody provide me software/link for Net Monitor for Nokia 3120 C - Classic?
  15. Mobile Tracker Problem for Samsung CDMA handsets

    Mobile tracker works absolutely fine in CDMA handsets and even I got my mobile back when it was lost. I checked on Mpower Muzik and Explore also. What Error message you are getting ??