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  1. Any Nokia Cdma Users In Bangalore?

    Ok guys finally I was able to get it done. The super-friendly Charan Singh helped me in doing this. btw, it would be great to do a rimwebian meetup in Bangalore. what is the possibility guys?
  2. Any Nokia Cdma Users In Bangalore?

    I stay near manipal hospital. close to marathali. can we meet at Total Mall McDonalds this weekend?
  3. Any Nokia Cdma Users In Bangalore?

    Hello pranav, yeah it's joomla. btw maybe you could help since you're located in bangalore. let me know if we could talk.
  4. Any Nokia Cdma Users In Bangalore?

    cant. I am using the very basic model of lg reliance which doesnt even have a data cable (it sells for 1k-1.5k i guess). So the only way to find my MIN and UID is to insert it in a nokia handset.
  5. Hi All, I have purchased an HTC Mogul last week and I need a nokia cdma handset (ruim based) for 4-5 minutes to activate it. Please let me know if you know someone who has a nokia cdma mobile and can help. I am willing to pay if needed. Expecting a quick response. Please reply here and I will contact you immediately. @Sadikk, please see if you can find someone as well . Thanks, Arun