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  1. 3G Data Charges On Roaming

    Hello Guys, i am on idea postpaid, delhi region with monthly 3g plan. Idea is not charging anything if i use 3g while on national roaming. but they charge to their prepaid customers. Same case is with airtel i guess, they offer free data roaming on postpaid but charge to prepaid customers.
  2. Hello Friends, Yesterday i bought Sony Ericsson Neo V Mobile phone, But after a long struggle i am not able to copy contacts from my laptop's outlook to my new android phone, using the sony's software i am able to synchronize my outlook with Google account and then my mobile with google, but this is copying all those contacts which are having only email addresses, which i used on my Google account. Is there any way to copy content from outlook to directly my android???
  3. Hello Friends, I am looking to change my handset and this time very excited about Android Operating System. I liked Samsung Galaxy ACE, as it is fulfilling my requirements, having good camera, good touch response, WiFi and of course android. But i dont know about android much. Kindly give your opinion about this handset and if there is any better option upto 15,000/- Kindly recommend. Narinder
  4. Kindly advice me which operator i should opt. I am using Tata Docomo Prepaid Number of Haryana. I am shifting to Delhi for Job reasons and want to have the same number with me. Tata Docomo is not there in Delhi. Kindly advice to which operator i should port t lower down my Roaming usage.
  5. I too wish abhi......... coz i have to travel delhi frequently......... Hey guys......i talked customer care for changing my bill plan to roam free, and they replied that there is no need to change the plan as free roaming incoming is being provided to all postpaid subscribers by default..... but i am confused then why special plan is mentioned on the websites..... I am on 299 F & F plan, they confirmed from this month my incoming roaming is free.........lets wait for the bill........
  6. Hello Guys, I visited tata docomo website and noticed that they do have free roaming incoming plan and that too with good goodies. here is the link http://tatadocomo.com/postpaid-plan-details.aspx you can choose goodies of your choice as example in plan 299 you can have 400 local and 300 std minutes (pulse rate of 1s) free every month with free incoming in roaming.
  7. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    Got a call toda too, i told i am on 299 F&F plan in tata docomo, which is giving discounted calls to some offnet numbers too. I told them about my current plan. they are saying what ever i am getting will be given as such + some extra benefits like 5 numbers free without cap without rent plus few on net std at 20p. Asked my tata docomo bill copies which i emailed them. Waiting for a suitable plan.............
  8. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    Again Attached! winbackletter.pdf
  9. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    Got email from reliance to come back........ see the attached file
  10. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    But i am having tata docomo post paid.....so no use for me....
  11. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    stv29 if for postpaid????
  12. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    It seems you are not satisfied with Docomo and asked advice for better MNP plan. Think of the following Plan in Reliance, with asking for Free calling of Five Reliance Local numbers. Plan code: DSSpecial 199 Monthly Rent: 199 Call charges: Local 30p, STD 50p, Roaming 50p Free usage: Voice:120 SMS:100 Yes, i might be in those initial customers, which are given such offers from their previous operator. Reason for this is, i live in haryana and MNP was firstly introduced here and i was in those people here, who were keenly waiting to try this, so my 90days completed soon. I was happy with reliance network, but the reason behind leaving reliance was their disconnection of my number for 20 days saying, my usage amount is 6000+ and i have to that to start services, which upon bill generation was 500 rupees only. Which made me frustrated and forced me to leave the network. I am happy with docomo too..... but just received call and listened what they are offering. None plan is mentioned on their website, which he offered, if any of you have any other plan, please guide me, my more usage is STD. as they are offering 5 numbers free onnet, is there any zero rental plans available, i do have some numbers in bsnl, used for incoming purpose, i will switch them to reliance in this case. One more thing, that person said, these will not be offered by webworld, so if i want, i have to answer them during call they will send their representative.
  13. hello Friends, I was having reliance GSM which i ported in tata docomo in december. Today i got call from reliance saying that 90 days have been completed and now i can come back to reliance as i was a gold customers they can offer me good offers. They are offering following things. 5 reliance number free without limit free without any charges. 149 plan, with 30p std but only 50 rupees free usage 399 plan with 200 rupess calling, some sms and 2000 free roaming incoming some others were there. Anybody too getting any such offers??? if yes then advice me better one.... they were having a lot choose from...
  14. Today i filled forms to change my reliance gsm and bsnl to tata docomo.......they are saying it will take 7 days....... GOT new sims and now keenly waiting to see same number on tata.......
  15. I am from haryana.......... i visited reliance webworld but they dont' know anything till now.....just they r saying that they will be sure next month....... lets see what will happen tommorrow.......i am willing to switch operator for my reliance gsm postpaid but they stupid people have wrongly calculated my unbilled........lets see when they will solve that issue and will allow me to switch...