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  1. Is there any price change for me?

    Dear Sir, Can you explain me tis setting for my Nokia 6265 CDMA Mobile? Gaurang.
  2. Hello Reliance Mobile User, Reliance FWP Users, All Reliance Comm Users, I want to share my experience of Network Performance of Reliance on Mumbai Bomb Blast today on 11 july 2006. I am from Mumbai and I will be very thankful to Relince Infocomm Mobile Network. Today It has worth my money for my Mobile 93242 78325 and also my Landline at Office 022 3252 1466. Today all the Networks like Hutch, Airtel, BPL of my friends were not working at all. But, My Relince Phone has supported me a lot. I was able to call from my reliance mobile at any where in India and abroad in this Mobile Jamm situation. Also My relatives from Gujrat and London did not found any problem to call me on my Reliance Phone and Mobile at the time of bomb blast. Also the Hutch user from Gujrat able to call me but they did not able to call to Hutch mobile in Mumbai. Today I have called to all the Network from my Reliance Phone and it has succeeded 99% for me and it has helped me to connect with my friends, relatives and family. All these is due to Powerful Network of Reliance. Thank you Mr. Anil Ambani. Thank you to Reliance Infocomm for improving its performance day to day. I am really proud to be Reliancian.................... Gaurang Kansara, RIM : 93242 78325 RIFWP : 022 3252 1466
  3. Dear Friend, I am using LG RD 5130 Color since last 6 months and till now I can say that it is very good one. Can You tell me How to upload nice wallpapers you just attached here and Ringstones to my LG RD 5130? Is there any Sofware required? or any thing else? I will be very thankful to you for your kind help and support regarding my this issue. Gaurang Goradiya from Mumbai, RIM : 093242 78325
  4. Hello Friends, I am using LG RD 5130 Handset and I ahve RConnect Freedom Plan. I urgently require Prolific Serial Driver for LG RD 5130. Currently I am using Driver of LG RD 2230 on my LG 5130 handset which gives me so many connection problem Where to download Prolific Serial Driver for LG RD 5130? If anybody have the above mentioned deiver then please sent me via attachment on pustiweb@yahoo.co.in Or If anybody knows the download link, then write the link address.
  5. Battery Charging Problem In Lg Rd 2130

    Hello, I have a very strang problem in my LG RD 2130 Handset. First, When I charge my mobile, within 2 minutes my charger shows the "Green Light". So, my battery shows "Recharge your battery" message when I try to call. with in 10 seconds my battery shows "Recharge your battery" message. agin i charge and my charger shows green light within 2 minutes. right now, I am not able to receive or send any call to anybody. But, If my handset is connected to charger then I am able to call. Strange thing is that I am able to call or receive call only my charger is connected to my handset though the charger is not connected with Power!!!! If I remove charger, I cant' call or receive call!! Can anybody tell me what is the actual problem? Problem in charger? Problem in Battery or Problem in handset? Reply ASAP, Gaurang <REFRAIN FROM STARTING SAME TOPIC MORE THAN ONCE! ONE TOPIC DELETED!>
  6. On Dormancy, My Internet Explorer Site Hangs

    But previously before 15 days , it was working very nicely. sometimes it's working very good but sometimes hangs, I have installed norton 2004 and firewall and also spyware software
  7. On Dormancy, My Internet Explorer Site Hangs

    I have installed Windows 98 SE and IE 6.0
  8. On Dormancy, My Internet Explorer Site on which I am surfing becomes hang. This site shows "Not Responding" in my task Manager Also My PC hangs in Dormancy. but , after sometimes within 20 to 25 seconds when Data Transfer again starts everything works fine. Is anyone here has same problem or If anyone knows the solutions of problem, then pls reply me Thank you with regards, Gaurang