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  1. Tutorial For Zte Mc315 Cdma 1x Reliance On Linux

    I checked one similar card ZTE MC315+ supplied by Reliance on Puppy Linux and Fedora 8 Live CD by the above procedure. I could connect without changing the uart and changing only baud_base to 460800 setserial /dev/ttyS3 baud_base 460800 The original uart value was 16950/954 which works. If I change the uart to 16550A keeping same baud_base (460800) it also works. Although Ubuntu fan I did not check with Ubuntu Live CD because it does not have setserial and the person for whom I checked wanted to use Fedora 8. kagashe
  2. Excellent article on PC security on PCWorld.com: The 10 Biggest Security Risks You Don't Know About I have used Printer Friendly Version and CupsPDF to consolidate it in PDF file which can be downloaded from rapidshare.de kagashe
  3. All About Linux

    My Ubuntu CDs arrived on 29th June. My friend who ordered Kubuntu CDs also received on the same day. This time it is a Live CD and there is "install" icon on the desktop. My friend was using HUAWEI E321 Vcard supplied by Tata Indicom on his Laptop to access internet. We could also set up the internet connection on Kubuntu Live CD. The modem was detected as ttyUSB0. After giving phone no #777, userid and password as "internet" in the modem set up it started working but we could not browse the net. Then we switched to windows, connected to net and obtained the DNS nos of Tata Indicom. After giving the DNS nos on Kubuntu Live CD modem set up we could browse the net. My friend is very much impressed with Kubuntu and decided to use it for browsing the net. kagashe
  4. All About Linux

    Thanks. I forgot that this time Kubuntu CDs are also being shipped free. I am using Gnome desktop and need Ubuntu. Later on, I will download KDE within Synaptic to have KDE desktop as well.Ubuntu has a "Laptop Mission" and they are testing so many brands/models of Laptops. You can scroll down on this page and find the link to your Laptop brand/model and see the progress. kagashe
  5. All About Linux

    Hi Everybody, Ubuntu is now accepting orders for free CDs for version 6.06 (Dapper Drake). Click here to order your free CDs. Enjoy. kagashe
  6. ChiragAre you replying to my post? I have solved the problem to some extent. After connecting I am putting www.google.com on continuous ping and find that the signal does not drop. But this is costing me money (in terms of unnecessary upload/download through ping command) and I don't know how much since the Reliance server is not indicating the unbilled data usage. I would like to know how much data is used in 64 bytes continuous ping command. kagashe
  7. I am facing this problem at my residence in Delhi. I wrote to Customer care and they replied that a cell site would be functional in the area by 31-03-06. Then I replied asking for free signal booster and received a prompt reply that they are unable to process my request for the signal booster.kagashe
  8. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, I understand that the mobile phone whose chipset is supported in Linux can only be used in Linux. There is a recommened list of Linux supported phones on Reliance website: http://www.relianceinfo.com/Infocomm/Rim/r...t_dc_linux.html Incidentally it does not recommend any Nokia phone. Also most of the models are not available now. Reliance website is silent about Linux compatibility of Sierra RConnect card, although, people are using it. I suggest we start a thread where people using Linux post their phone model, RConnect Card model (I understand 2 more cards are available apart from Sierra now). I purchased GTran handset because it was listed on Reliance website but I am fed up now with the batteries and the charger. I would like to know whether the new RConnect cards could be used on Linux. kagashe
  9. RConnect & Linux

    When you use RConnect for the first time /etc/resolv.conf file is written automatically but the file has only root (or SU permission), therefore, you are not able to surf any site as ordinary user. If you simply change the file permission to 644 (as root) you can surf as ordinary user. The file permission would have also changed when you wrote the file. These are DNS servers of Reliance which resolve the URL you type into IP addresses so that you can surf. Don't worry about writing anything in the file since the file is written every time you connect.If you face the problem (unable to surf) again just check the file permission of /etc/resolv.conf and change it to 644. I would also like another feedback from you. Goto: http://testmy.net/ and check the speed you are getting using RConnect script. Then install wvdial using Dhananjay's method and connect using wvdial (instead of Rconnect script) and check the speed once agiain. Tell me if you find a difference. My experince is you get much better speed using wvdial compared RConnect (I don't know why, although, RConnect passes the correct command to pppd). kagashe
  10. RConnect & Linux

    Nokia 2112 is not mentioned on this page on Reliance India Mobile site. Please make sure whether your instrument (Nokia 2112) supports Linux or not.If it does download Rconnect 1.0 from the web page (previous one) and follow the procedure I have suggested on my previous post. kagashe
  11. RConnect & Linux

    Hello KavitaB, Please download rconnect-cmdline-1.0.tar from: http://www.relianceinfo.com/Infocomm/Rim/r...t_dc_linux.html Untar it and install it as per instructions in README file (as root user) After installation if you give "rconnect" command it won't connect initially but give you some error like device not found. Now you have to change the device link as follows: Open file /etc/rconnect/rconnect.conf as root user. Change the second field to /dev/ttyACM0 (It might be something like /dev/input/*) Save the file. Now try "rconnect" command in a terminal (as ordinary user) This should work. To disconnect "rdisconnect". Now try "wvdial R" (as ordinary user) It should work. If it does not use "rconnect as above. Post here if you encounter any problems. kagashe
  12. All About Linux

    Hi, I upgraded from Ubuntu Hoary to Breezy. It was not exactly an "upgrade". I installed Breezy on the partition which had Hoary. You can read the details on my blog. I had used free CDs for the upgrade so I could download "kde" without exceeding 1 GB quota of RConnect freedom plan. Now I am logging to any of the 3 desktops on Ubuntu kde, gnome and xfce. It is fun. I am also learning to configure kde and gnome to use less resources since I have only 128 MB RAM. I find the new Open Office faster than the old version. By the way I am grand father now. You can read about it on my other blog. kagashe
  13. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, I recently installed new version of Ubuntu (Breezy 5.10) and had to install RConnect once again. Initially I tried wvdial after configuring it as per the post on this thread. It did not work. Then I installed the RConnect script, changed the link to /dev/ttyACM0 and tried to connect. It worked. Then I tried wvdial once again and it worked. It seems that it is necessary to install the RConnect script before trying wvdial on Ubuntu. Perhaps it configures pppd. This is just a feedback for the people who are trying wvdial. kagashe
  14. How Did You Bump Into RIMweb for the first time?

    Hi, I was searching Google for Linux support for using RConnect on my handset and landed here. kagashe
  15. RConnect & Linux

    While you are guiding for using the script available on Reliance Infocom site please note two points:1. SUDO is used only in Ubuntu. In other distributions the command is "su" for using root priviledges. 2.0 Every Linux distribution allots different tty # to the mobile instrument so the relevant file in the script needs to be changed. e.g. Mandrake detects it as and Ubuntu detects it as .Redhat offcourse may be detecting as per the script and it may work without any modification. You can have a look at my earlier post on this thread. According to my experince by using the script you are connected at less speed compared to when you use wvdial. kagashe