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  1. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Sorry, that was stupid of me. should have read earlier post in detail. but thanks. now i wud research through the posts to see how can we find the Field Service Code in the Filesystem.
  2. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Looks like BitPim doesnt like me. i followed each step 1) open LGKDP let it detect phone n say so in its address bar then close it. 2) open UniCDMA and click on HF->DM button n close it. 3) open BitPim.... here it never ask's me to select a phone model and on clicking the filesystem "retrieving" i get an error window as seen in the image below. Note that i m using LG LSP-340e. And UniCDMA shows all the data in its main window when i press Read All button in it including the unlock code. this means that unicdma is able to connect itself to the phone. So Vishal where did i go wrong. :'(
  3. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    As i searched through out the forum i found bitpim and UniCDMA link. But i cannot find a d/l link for LGKDP. Plz post a link to it. I am eager to have a look inside my lsp340e. Thank you.
  4. Success! LG LSP 340E & Bitpim

    Hi Vishal, i would like to know where to download LGKDP and UniCDMA and also what version, i have bitpim 0.62 installed. i wish to experiment on LG LSP 340e offcoure at my own risk. Thank you.