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  1. International Travel - SIM/Service Suggestion

    I used Red Pocket Sim card for my trip to USA . cost 23$ for unlimited US calls and text. 50 to 60 min of call to India. Check out Goredpocket.com for more details Cheers
  2. Dear Shabab, If still available I would like to request you one Card Holder ( 1st Design ). Thanks Gagan
  3. International Travel - SIM/Service Suggestion

    For europe you can consider reliancepassport it wil give you free incoming in some countries.
  4. Hi Shahab, I would like to request you for credit card holder if possible. Thanks
  5. Hey Guys, any deal on Apple Ipad 2 ( Wifi + 3G 32 gb or 64 gb Option ) !!! thanks in advance.
  6. Rajan any offer on a netbook with 2 GB RAM and 6 cell battery? thanks in advance.
  7. HTC Desire http://www.saholic.com/mobile-phones/htc-desire-a8181-1000119 for 15000 all other places and online stores is 20 to 22k
  8. @kshah working. used it. ( didnot try to make payment as i didn't inted to buy. Maybe Tarun is right at time of payment it gets rejected )
  9. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    signed #131
  10. bought. thanks for the post. got delivery on 13th April 2011 . Cash on delivery . Good packing.
  11. I have ported one of my prepaid nos to DOCOMO in bangalore. There is special recharge of 52 rs which gives you full talk time STD & Local at 1p / 2 Sec for 2 months , 200 sms local national free per day , full talktime on all evd recharge for 1 year.
  12. In bangalore I am getting porting code on sending sms to 1900 for reliance cdma postpaid no response yet on docomo and virgin prepaid.