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  1. Dont know whether my comment is relevant. I wish to speak about Reliance CDMA network in konkan (Mumbai-Goa highway). In January this year, I drove from Ganpatipule to Mumbai and had a really bad experience about RCDMA. The network was barely available at Ganpatipule (i stayed at Bhandarpule) and next came a big shock. I went to three places enroute. Diveagar, Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar, and the CDMA network was zero at all these places. I was there for two days and initially assumed that something was wrong with my handset. But then I asked mobilephone vendors in the region and found none of them selling RCDMA connections. The network is shut in this region, they said. I can understand a company not maintaining a network in one village, but these places (Divegagar, Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan) have huge tourists footfall and no company can ignore its network here. RCDMA does. This was one reason why I ported back to Idea a few months later. Pathetic experience. Otherwise, RCDMA and RGSM networks are fantastic in Mumbai.
  2. Its been close to an year for me to shift from GSM (Idea) to Reliance CDMA under MNP. I am really happy as far as voice clarity, network coverage and tariff of RCDMA is concerned. But the single issue which some time makes me think whether I made the right decision to shift from GSM to CDMA, is the non-availability of good, reasonably priced RUIM based handsets. I do agree that there are good handsets at the top end, mostly imported ones. But what impairs the CDMA acceptibility is the flexibility GSM offers. I use blackberry curve and there are fewer choices as compared to GSM. Talking about mid-level handsets, I have observed that if you have good battery life of a handset, you may not have a good phonebook and vice versa. Though I have few friends in Reliance webworld who help me out quickly, I still feel that change of handset brings in too much intervention of service provider as compared to GSM. Last month, I briefly changed from blackberry to Samsung 239 and again wanted to go back to blackberry. I remember it took me a full day to get my blackberry unlocked and get the number restored. Perhaps I am still influenced by the easy operatability of Nokia handsets. I am not sure how long my love for Reliance will continue. Never know, one day I may go back to Idea.
  3. Hi Amit A thousand thanks. EVDO activated on my Samsung Mpower 239 within a week of sending a request to you. Great work.
  4. Just received SMS from Reliance saying that Blackberry services shall remain closed between 7.30 am and 11.30 am on November 6 due to server upgradation by RIM in Europe
  5. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/telecom/ril-to-ride-on-rcom-for-telecom-foray-may-launch-cheaper-tablets-at-rs-6000/articleshow/10573291.cms
  6. A friend working with Reliance Communications told me today that Reliance Comm is going on for a major restructuring of its human resources. Those with high pay packets and age are either being given pink slips or could expect soon. The idea is to chop off dead wood by at least 60 percent. According to this source, Reliance Comm is preparing itself for a take over, in all probability from Mukesh Ambani. Please check.
  7. How to download the file? Am getting error on both, mirror and new mirorr. pls help.
  8. Don't worry. You will get messages from Docomo eventually. Reliance system keeps sending such text messages during the porting process. My experience says that you will now get a message only on the day when your switch will be ported.
  9. Blackberry Data Service Outage

    The Blackberry offer of freebies to compensate the three day outage seems to be a farce. Checked blackberry application world this morning and noticed that BB is offering just two applications as gifts to begin with. One is bubble game and second one is a software meant for safe driving. I downloaded the bubble game and found it to be very ordinary. I would in fact think twice even if were to be available free on the app world. Second application is about drive safely, where your SMS, mail and BBM messages are read aloud so that you can know about them while you are driving. This application (though a Pro version) is of no use to me. There is no other choice offered by BB to download applications. Hence I am reason to believe that the BB compensation offer is a farce.
  10. Blackberry Data Service Outage

    No SMS from Reliance about the Blackberry offer. Is Reliance offering subscribers to enjoy those freebies? Have just sent a mail to Reliance Blackberry CC. Waiting for their reply.
  11. Blackberry Data Service Outage

    All those who are using Reliance Blackberry, please write a mail to the Blackberry customercare and ask them if Blackberry is indeed compensating by providing applications worth $ 100. The newsreport says the benefits can be availed from Oct 19, ie tomorrow. So hurry up.
  12. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Anybody has idea about Ford Classic? Among sedans I find it inexpensive and good worth for money. Please do write if someone owns it. I plan to move from Maruti Alto to a sedan by the end of this year.
  13. Blackberry Data Service Outage

    My BBM is not working since this afternoon. In the noon, got spam messages from friends which claimed that BBM would stop working if the message was not forwarded. I didn't forward it to anyone. By evening, I realised BBM had become too sluggish. No messages or mail since 1600 hrs.
  14. Rajanbhai, please let us know why you shifted from RGSM to RCDMA.
  15. BlackBerry 9330 Issues

    Hi Parin Thanks a lot for the response. But what you suggested seems to be a tedious process and with a novice like me, it has the danger of ending up into trouble. So not going ahead immediately, unless I get someone who can guide me when I do the process. THanks anyway.