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  1. Rs.1 and 1.5 is the base tariff of your plan.
  2. Anna Hazare can acquire lots of crores by doing this andolan aur jab sadhu sanyasi corrupt hain to ye bill kya kar lega INDIA mein paisa bolta hai bikte hain yahan achhe achhe Corruption khatam ho hi nahi sakta balki ek aur corrup segment badh jayega lokpalon ke rup mein
  3. In a bid to provide mobile Internet service at affordable rates, State own Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) slashed its Unlimited Mobile Internet charges by 75 per cent approx for its Garuda Postpaid and Prepaid CDMA Mobile subscribers in Delhi telecom circle. MTNL’s CDMA Garuda Postpaid and Prepaid mobile customers who already enrolled into Unlimited Data Plan-300 will be now charged at just Rs. 75 per month for Unlimited Browsing and Data transfer without any FUP with in Home Network.The existing Unlimited Data plan (CDMA 1X) was cost Rs. 300 which is now available at Rs. 75/month. While New Garuda Postpaid CDMA 1X Customers can activate the new Unlimited Data Plan at one time activation charge of Rs. 75 along with monthly charges of Rs. 75. While the Prepaid CDMA 1X subscriber can avail the Unlimited Data Plan by recharging their prepaid account with STV-75. Source: TelecomTalk.info Details: http://mtnldelhi.in/unlimited_garuda.htm
  4. nice offer by tti expecting it to be launched pan india
  5. Micromax Eg333 Gsm+Cdma Dual Sim With Evdo

    nice phone but micromax
  6. @ India have 11 gsm operators and atleast two (three) cdma operators thats why no such competition in cdma segment
  7. mts will make a big competition in cdma world :LS:
  8. btw my REL CDMA Is postpaid and still accessing free data through a sp****l plan but also have bsnl cdma and trying to find some extra stuff also for bsnl like in reliance and i also have bsnl 3g having hi speed data at
  9. BSNL is providing EVDO enabled Ruim just @ Rs. 39 Relince EVDO coverage in only in few cities while bsnl cdma evdo covered approx 75% india even in villages i am able to get EVDo signls so no reasons to stucked with crappy relince
  10. just leave reliance and move to BSNL cdma only 5 paisa per 100 kb(50 p/mb) and if you wish to get monthly data plan than recharge with Rs. 99 and get 1GB and after using 1gb data rates 1 paisa per mb i'll surely port my old RCDMA to bsnl when mnp come in my area.
  11. what about other operators like docomo, airtel?
  12. Phone Number from SIM?

    dial *1# to know RGSM number