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  1. My portin to Jio Maharashtra from Vodafone prepaid maharashtra has been very smooth. Generated portout code ekyc done at jio , instantly got a confirmation vodafone "your portout request has been approved will inform with date and time shortly" got jio sim activated exactly 6th day itself no need to to do televerification
  2. Yes go to reliance digital Pimple Saudagar Store (Konkane chowk) they are accepting MNP
  3. JioFi2 MiFi

    One the 2 Gb will b finished it will automatically migrate to Jio Welcome Offer, Keep ignoring the sms received .
  4. No in Pune they are accepting passport as well as any POA as electricity bill, DL , Aadhar. I have taken connections on my passport as well as DL in pune pimple saudagar reliance digital. MNP has been started in JIO, but MNP sim is not in stock in Pimple Saudagar reliance Digital (Pune) as i visited in the store for MNP . i was told MNP started but MNP sim not yet received. Lets wait and watch
  5. Hi all, I am relocating from Delhi to Pune and will be taking Maharashtra circle RGSM postpaid plan, Just wanted to know that is there any roaming change when traveling between maharashtra to other Mumbai, Earlier it was free i have heard from someone now Relaince is charging for Roaming. Anyone actual user please confirm is it free or incoming is charged between maharashtra to mumbai circle.
  6. Roaming between Mumbai and Maharashtra

    R2R free plans, plus Freepaid 395 in Delhi and as i have checked freepaid 396 in Maharashtra , after RCOM ICRA tie-up with tata and Aircel their network coverage has improved in even Delhi-NCR.
  7. As it has been clear that Reliance licence is going to expire by December 2015 and reliance has not won any new licence in the West Bengal, Bihar/Jharkhad & Assam Circle, So what exactly happen to the subscribers of reliance in these circle, Is reliance going to close its operation of will use only 3G service or any other ICRA will be there. RIm Guru Plz share the exact situation and RCOM starategy
  8. One of the best plan till date offered in GSM postpaid With Freepaid plans a postpaid customer: # Can treat any local and STD reliance number as CUG - all local and std onnet calls are free # Can make unlimited CUG calls even when roaming - on net calls are free even from roaming # Can treat his office (and home) landline numbers as intercom - all landline calls are free # Can treat Office and home calls as intercom even when roaming - all landline calls are free even from roaming # Can receive unlimited incoming calls from any number while in roaming - all roaming incoming calls are free # Gets 900 offnet (Local / STD / Roaming OG) minute - 900 minutes offnet means all reasonable offnet usage will get covered in free minutes Data as per the above plan & Circle taken. TEF_395_445_BH_DL_KOL_OR_RJ_WB.pdf
  9. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    I have got rentention plan with 99 Rs rental 400 Min local + Std Mint free, 300 Local + Std SMS free , 100Rs discount for 6 Month and CUG free for 1 Year with my another RCDMA No Plan code RGSPECIAL_LEVEL3_99
  10. Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android

    Got my 5.0 yesterday in the evening.. 1st impression 1.Build quality good 2.Speaker good 3.voice quality good 4.battery backup good still 35 % remaining as i have not charged it yet started using from 72% with wi-fi, evdo and calling. 5.Camera is average not as expected. 6.Screen touch is smooth 7.Display(screen resolution) not good 8.network reception good 9.Just shows 500 Mb of free space in the phone memory. 10.till the moment no lagging or hanging of handset Not as good as expect but for a CDMA smartphone that too in RS 5400 its worth buying. once will use the handset for 3-4 days will write the detailed experience.
  11. Planning to buy 5.0 can anyone please tell me Reliance EDVO working on this set or not and sim card slot is normal sim or micro sim??
  12. Dear all i need a help ... i have just got a new locked moto g cdma from US. The problem is it is locked and in market guys are asking for 2000-2500 rupee... can anyone help me to get (step by step)it unlocked and use my reliance no. Thanks to all
  13. Which are in delhi u are putting up.. try for World phone (if the service is there in your area) they are offering 40GB 4Mbps 699 per month plus tax (wi-fi router free and no installation charge) . best part is in this plan i am getting 2-3 mbps of speed any time of the day. world phoe is also offering 10 days free trail with 5 GB of data free, try it and only if yoy are satisfied they only continue with the service.
  14. Reliance Jio Infocomm Issued 2.2 Crore Numbers for 4G Mobile and Data Services, Number Series Starts from 70. India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued 2.2 crore mobile numbers to Pan India BWA 4G spectrum and license holder Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL) which paves way for the company to launch its 4G services.Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL) rapidly deploying its infrastructure across 20 cities initially and set to launch its 4G LTE service for mobile customers over LTE enabled smart-phones as well as Only data customer via 4G dongles.Source:- http://telecomtalk.info/reliance-jio-infocomm-issued-2-2-crore-numbers-for-4g-mobile-and-data-services-number-series-starts-from-70/111806
  15. Aircel today launched a revolutionary product ‘One Nation, One Rate’. The product offers one rate for Voice, SMS and Data in home circles and on roaming on Aircel network. The product is an industry first, and will redefine the user experience and consumption of voice services in the country. The product does not only do away with roaming charges but also provides lucrative voice, SMS and data tariffs. ‘One nation, one rate’ will provide the following One India tariff to Aircel customers: Voice – Local/National calling at 1paisa/second in Home circle as well as on roaming on Aircel network. Incoming calls while on Roaming on Aircel network will be free SMS – Local and National SMS at Re 1/SMS in Home circle as well as while on Roaming Data – User will be able to carry the home circle rate while on roaming The product is available in Andhra Pradesh for Rs. 25. Aircel led the data revolution in India by launching Pocket Internet which changed the way internet on mobile was perceived and consumed. Aircel was amongst the first telecom players to make 3G affordable to the masses. And now, with the launch of this first of its kind product – ‘Aircel One Nation, One Rate’, Aircel has taken a giant leap in the voice market as well. source:- http://telecomtalk.info/aircel-one-nation-one-rate-pioneers-the-concept-of-free-roaming/104156/
  16. same available in Delhi NCR circle on Rs 39 recharge
  17. Here is a bad news for of Pre-paid mobile phone subscribers in Jammu & Kashmir.Millions of Prepaid Mobile service users may no longer be able to use their mobile phone connections. This is because; the government is examining the possibility of banning pre-paid cellular services in these security sensitive areas. According to the latest media reports from PTI, the Government of India has plans for banning Prepaid mobile service in the in the Kashmir valley Jammu and Kashmir state for security reasons. Union Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram announced this while addressing the media in Srinagar at the All India Editors’ Conference organized by Press Information Bureau. Mr. P Chidambaram said “I urge everyone to switch over to post-paid mobile connections. We may have to ban the use of pre-paid connection for a while in the Kashmir valley if people do not switch over to post-paid”. This can affect nearly 38 lakh Mobile Subsribers of the state who use prepaid connections from various mobile service operators. The GSM Mobile Operator Airtel has nearly 19 lakh GSM subscribers followed by BSNL having 12 lakh and Aircel having 7 lakh. Currently, Indian citizens of other states who have a pre-paid connection are not allowed roaming facilities while visiting J&K and the seven North Eastern states. Media has learnt that the government has no plans to lift this restriction in the immediate future. http://telecomtalk.info/pre-paid-mobile-connections-may-be-banned-in-jk/11198/#more-11198
  18. Any STV For Free Incoming Calls In Roaming?

    BUt 440 plan is available only in CDMA
  19. Any STV For Free Incoming Calls In Roaming?

    Dear there is no FAT of Rs 100 in 440 postpaid plan (either in old 440 or in new 440 plan) plus there is no free roaming.
  20. Just checked tarrif for reliance netconnect+ and found finally reliance slashed the tarrif same as 3G. http://www.reliancenetconnect.co.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9&Itemid=7#broadbandprepaid
  21. New Feature in Reliance GSM?

    I am using this service in RGSM delhi for almost 3 months..... no balance just call the number and other person recieves the sms...........
  22. Unethical Practice in Reliance GSM Prepaid

    nothing new with RGSM.. in fact not only with RGSM with every operator....... do one thing everytime when you call to cc always take your reference number......... with these reference number you can at least approach to PG PORTAL ......... with all your issue with refrence numbers every operator follow this practice, but i haven't faced any subscription issue with MTNL for past 6 years never got any service activated without request..........
  23. MNP after Change-Of-Ownership?

    even i have ported my airtel number to mtnl delhi , in which airtel was nt on my name whereas i ported to mtnl on my name. No issues. . .