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  1. G-mail Account

    Hey chirag and sunil save some invites for us too we're waiting for an invite poor rimweb users remember !!!!!!!! How about spymac I find it slow. Can u'll compare it with spymac, reading sunils post it seems like they've made it up really good. So when is it scheduled to release publically ????????/
  2. Cam-cells Tread On Digicam Turf

    But most people prefer compact things, isnt that the reason why the size and weight of phones was reduced. As long as the quality of the picture is as good or very close to digicam quality most of the ppl will go for the combo unless they are professional cameramen or crib for quality. Well the market in India is something different though, with most latest phones coming out after a year or so of their launch in other countries it'll be long time till we get to see some real cam phones.
  3. Electro-magnetic Field

    What he means I suppose is something similar to the wavy display of computer screens on camera. Even I have noticed this on my phone sevral times but never paid much attention to it. Maybe now I will ???
  4. List Of All Telephony Operators In India

    Bombay - BPL Mobile 022-56 Bombay - Landline Hughes (Now, Tata Indicom) Bombay - Tata Indicom Mobile These are a few however I dont know prefixes for the 2 of them.
  5. Shortage On Rd2030

    So then will it be removed from the list of phones or are they trying to introduce it along with a higher range of phones
  6. Career Help!

    Also try http://www.timesjobs.com Ps : Pls ignore if u've already tried. Just checking.
  7. Which mail u prefer?

    www.spymac.com - It offers a 1GB mail space.
  8. Are Rim Employees Welcome At Rimweb Or Not?

    Well I think they're hidin coz once they disclose their identity everyone will storm them with PM's and e-mails to get their opinion from someone who knows the inside. lolz
  9. Cdma Secrets / Secret Codes

    Anyone knows what OTKSL means and how do I find it. I'm talking about Kyacera 2235. I got the Srvice Menu but dont know What OTKSL is ie some 6 digit code.
  10. I messed with my ESN

    BOTTOMLINE : Dont Try Messin It Up Anymore. Go To The Nearest LG Service Centre.
  11. Covers For Lg Rd2130?

    If you really wanna keep your phone clean laminate it for now and remove the plastic when U find a cover
  12. Ignoring Nokia

    Well I guess most techies like Static etc dont have a Nokia Phone to experimenton. BTW not many ppl on this forum have Nokia phones LG RD 2030 is the most common
  13. Are Rim Employees Welcome At Rimweb Or Not?

    Yes now its a free forum for all and we can get the latest news from reliance directly so I dont see an issue IMO. By the removal of Cloning from all over the forum and moderation of all pms and email I think theres no disadvantage in having RIM employees
  14. Though dissapointed but a very wise decision
  15. Access Web Mail

    Any more info is it actually free and can we also access hotmail etc thru rediff