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  1. Modu Handset

    Heard about modu handset. Link below : http://www.ebay.in/i...=item3a6c9b24ac What is it? I mean its a small mobile, wat is the OS and all.... Any1 having it?????? Regards Karun
  2. SoS I am having a Strange problem with my palm. It is hanging a lot.Like when i move to Application main page and try to move to options (using keypad as my touch screen is again gone), the phone hangs. When, i am in contacts and try to scroll down to find a particular contact, it freezes. When i try to delete a text messages, the phone freezes. It hangs every now and then making it impossible to use the phone. I am only able to make calls using call log. I have used hard reset atleast 10 times but it is not solving the problem. Request urgent help as this is my office phone. Thanks in advance!
  3. How did it got locked? Wrong sim insertion???
  4. Ladakh Calling

    @ani_meher - Man, m in mktg and do a regular trip around of the whole state almost every month. Have been in leh last week. Airfares were all time high, so thought of travelling by road in my Indica. Was stuck there for 4 straight days due to rains and snowfall. No doubt august is the season and the roads "officially" close in september and october but i just wanted to give a word of caution coz if someone is struck midway down from kargil to Srinagar, u won't even get anything 2 eat except for a small shop that supplies maggi and tea some 70 Kms from kargil to Srinagar. Its might be summers in Ladakh but definately not in Zozila pass and khardungla! Well, the road is one sided most of the times coz of safety reasons. Just keep 1 or 2 days extra in case u put up at srinagar. U wanna come down, most welcome! Even i wud like to join you on the trip, !!
  5. Ladakh Calling

    Guys, Any help needed? Do lemme knw. August is not the month for riding on road thru bike,car or any other mode. Roads are mostly blocked at zanskar & khardungla pass. Alternate route will be leh from manali thru rohtang pass. Amazing journey dude!
  6. Windows 7

    One can still use windows for trial upto 120 days by using slmgr -rearm in the cmd It extends the trial by 30 days and u can use it 04 times thats 100 % legal way to continuing it.
  7. India

    Any documetary support?
  8. India

    Anyone have an idea how much glass tint is allowed in cars???? Anyone has any ruling?
  9. Will this work.......... I really doubt... ny experiences any1????????
  10. Windows 7

    @Hitesh - Any updates on the problem Its a trojan virus.(crypted.exe) Anyone knows the way to downoad full version of trojan remover 6.8.1 (not trial version)
  11. Windows 7

    @Hitesh - Any updates on the problem
  12. Windows 7

    @ hitesh - Any ideas why crypted.exe stops working after activating windows. Pl see attached screenshot.
  13. Windows 7

    Hats off to hitesh.....He is really a doc (Pc ka... ) My windows 7 is now activated. pl see screenshot. Also, my laptop system icon is changed from Dell to Acer. Hurray........................ Thx a ton hitesh. +1 on ur every post in the topic for your help. Windows activated.bmp
  14. Windows 7

    @Hitesh Tried using the file (using 'run as administrator' option) Unable to activate windows. Its asking me to run the file as administrator even as i run it as administrator. Screenshots are attached. Pl see wat can be done. window Activation.doc