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  1. i am using this handset HTC 816 dual sim bought from RIM for more than a year , already updated to 5.0 ver , NOW, phone memory full, ( 16gb sd card half empty) synchronisation with Gmail stopped, have to use phone clean software daily, only 200/300 memory cleared daily, unable to root the phone ( no file available). do not want to use "factory reset" now, pl help me to root it and uninstall all dumped useless softwares
  2. hi, @vabs i just bought it, tried with reliancenetconnect+ (zte ac2738), pl help with settings, 3g/4g indentifies but no internet wifi connects to laptop in 3g/4g settings, i change to india & reliance netcoonect with ( #777 dailer) if i use manual then apn=rcomnet , id: net , pass = net or 777 ???? this what i have done
  3. I think we members should not blow this issue, enough is written on it, it’s natural for new members to show their concern, we all know the effort and contributions of saddik bhai and hetal bhai, but this all confusion is because of 'silence' from them( for the time being now), Why not they write few lines on their 'updates' and 'forthcoming' help, it’s sometimes need of the 'hour', it will encourage new members to 'introspection' before comments Pl bear with me, something 'good' is in pipeline very soon they are working for 'US' only
  4. hi, friends ,original meid restored but old ESN (programmed last time) still there, meid from '00000..' restored to old factory default, i am on sprint rom with radio v1.03.15f, the same radio was giving network last time, now no network, tried few other radios also, any help on 'esn radio' ??? what is 'esn radio' seen in last posts, pl help, i have no network for *228 ,as radio reamins off, i have to force 'on' it, can i contact Ril webw for activation? as HCC wont work till i get *228 messgs. those members who have activated thier phone , pl help to do so
  5. I have done using my touch pro. refer my previous post. I think u have to do a master reset by ##786# thanks 'jabirji', i did that meid is restored, but i have sprint (shipped) radio V1.03.15F , hi, have refered the last radio V1.03.1F or the same as mine, pl check, i am not getting any network, so calling *228 -no action awaiting your reply, thanks for great help again vinod
  6. hi, saddiji, mine is HTC Tpro MEID registered is '<< MEID REMOVED >>' , pl help me to restore meid,
  7. hi, friend, my meid is registered by saddik/hetal bhai, as my htc touch pro was programmed by a member previously (but now, not active no. on it), what i know (being non-tech person), its was on ESN, pl Sr members help me to transfer my other mdn no. on htc tpro, i hard reset it but its still on ESN and MEID is all '000000000000' as shown by ##778#, there is a nv file given by hetal bahi in last thread, how to proceed??
  8. hello, thanks from all members of forum
  9. win 7 64 bit qxdm 3.9.19 working just fine!!!! hello, will you provide me link to download qxdm 3.9.19 ver for win 7, thanks in adv
  10. a suggestion, why not a lonely place, far from the madding crowd, a place called 'ramgarh', (not soley wala), off nainital in route to 'kausani' on a lonenly hill with a 'british bunglow' with apple orcahrd around you on that hill. you have to climb that hill on foot to reach that bunglow from motarable road at base (30 mnts with rest) there are few staff quters near that to help in daily chores, you have to carry few grocery with you for your taste to match, rest will be arranged by them this orchard belongs to a well known 'business group' its is free of charges except you pay for your fooding needs( arranging through staff or you bring with you) this is reserved area, but i can arrange if no bookings (summer time is for family and friends) by the way, my best wishes to both of you, thanks
  11. hello, i am using a Reliance official 9630 bought new few weeks ago, intially the battery life was less but after few days charging i am getting nearer to normal battery life 2/3 days, with moderate data usage daily 2/3 hrs daily
  12. @Dr this reliance tour 9630 unlock code is for GSM part, i hope???
  13. thanks for update, any guess when it will be launched ?? only god knows that when inducted in reliance family( atleast when stock of 9630 ends) not for us very soon
  15. :0Man u should have asked us before editing all contacts.. just go to options from Phones screen >> selects services>>> scroll down to see Automatic prepend>> Select and get settings>> Disable and press ok on top right corner.. Flash with stock rom with new radio... and thn any cooked rom.. THANKS SADDIK BAI, IT WAS A I MNT AFFAIR, I WILL CHECK FORUM FOR HELP IN FUTURE