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    Used to be Photography, Browsing, Discussion forums, Watching movies thru DVD, looking for latest electronic products, ofcourse listening to Carnatic/Light music sometimes listen to old western musics. <br /><br />Passionately redicule BCCI Team members.<br /><br />Play Cricket & Indoor games like Carrom Board.<br /><br />Watch TV (boaring) Soaps during dinner time.<br /><br />I was an outdoor guy but now I am satisfied myself sitting at home doing nothing! <br /><br />I would be interested in engaging myself with more meaningful activities.
  1. Phones Set On Fire In Nokia Store

    I don't use Nokia nor planning to use Nokia in the future until they fix their MAPs correctly reflecting the World order. Just because Taliban is influencing and ruling most of the Western Pakistan you just can't mention Taliban Territory in the MAP unless Pakistan does not mind it because I dont' see any big difference.
  2. Very dangerous to buy this in black market that too paying so much!!! Just imagine you end up having problems and there is no warranty or support. If it is around few thousand Rupees, you don't mind getting a phone without warranty. I have had a very bad experience with Locked iPhone and subsequently not able to use it for 6 months and I could only after shelling out nearly Rs8K to fix it. I feel this phone worth Rs 25K maximum. Nokia is coming out with N97 which has much more than what this phone delivers for Rs30K or so.
  3. UPA Government will definitely deny Indians 3G connectivity for sure. They are siding with Mobile Cartel to block entries through various litigations between various bodies (GoI, TRAI, COAI, DOT etc...). I had predicted earlier that Indians will probably get 3G around 2010 if we are lucky. Mobile operators want to milk our money without sweating any extra money. 3G infrastructure cost will be so huge and with down-turn economic conditions, they would try to avoid it for another few more years. It is easy to purchase Babus & Ministers than competing in the market. Mittals, Ambanis & Tatas have been doing this for a century.
  4. These are counter productive with respect to national safety. Some foreigner can sniff in to our country (vice-versa) and expose potential Nuclear Bombs installed in our country to our enemies (I mean, everyone in the world I presume considering the present situation). First of all, countries like US will definitely oppose such instruments.
  5. Good for Individual business people not for common man though (obviously). For me any data plan (unlimited) should not be more than Rs 300 in India - considering we have not gone to 3G etc...
  6. If you buy from some small shops claiming to be Mobile solution experts, this is what going to happen. One of my colleague got N95 fake did not realize until I pointed out! She got that phone from her closes friend who sells electronic goods! Just dont trust when it comes to business that I know my friend wont cheat and that shop will sell only original stuff etc.... Go to proper show room (Nokia, SE etc...) ask them to open the package infront of you, even if that person is known to you for 1000 years! Just don't trust anyone in Business.
  7. Don't understand the purpose of this phone at Rs 35K plus Rs 1500 every month for availing BlackBerry services (unlimited). It looks ordinary compared to Nokia E71 which is half the price and has more capabilities. Only fake executives without proper knowledge thinking that BB is the ultimate device would buy at this rate.
  8. If WiFi networks used to trigger bombs, I can understand the safety concerns. The risk here is sending emails which contains encrypted data (not visible for normal recipients but can be seen by the actual terrorists with the help of decryption). Some of the forwarded emails that are sent carries some invisible information which will help terrorists to act upon it when they receive it. And for normal law enforcement mechanisms, it will be difficult to trace the owner of the forwarded emails (with chains going to many recipients). During parliamentary attacks, security agency recovered laptops which carried an email with Ayshwarya Roy picture, upon investigating with the help of forens, the JPEG had specific instructions to strike parliament in a given date.
  9. I am unable to change my BSNL WEP Key for somereason. Looks like it is hardwire yet the passkey looks silly which I wanted to change but will not work if I change. I am not sure what sort of Private Key is this, if I cant change it!
  10. Finally the iPhone hype dusted down in India! Thanks to Vodafone & Airtel for making iPhone unreachable for common man in India which is a underdeveloped country but pricings are way beyond developed Western economies where the same were offered 4 times cheaper! Let us not bull**** ourselves by saying in Western world they pay premium for monthly plans etc….In India if you were to use phone for average 5000 national minutes, unlimited SMS, unlimited data plan, it would come close to Rs 1000-1200 PM (cheapest one). Indians would have paid Rs 1200 PM as fixed monthly rental (5000 National Minutes, Unlimited SMS and Unlimited Data) for two years if they were to offer iPhone 3G for Rs 10,000 – Rs 12,000 as a onetime fee. Now bringing them back to iPhone after their disappointment will be a difficult task since people would have already committed for other handsets already like HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc… iPhone can never be projected as niche market through mindless pricing alone! Indians are already using much better and capable phones by paying almost half of the price (Sony Ericsson P1i for example)
  11. I have heard after the recent MTNL failure, Anil is planning to quit RCOM business. May be he wants all customers to voluntarily close their connections left with no one to serve which enable him to leave the business in grace.
  12. It is plain and simple! Babus and Central Government missed out the great oppurtunity to make money! They thought only Mobile operators bound to pay their "tribute" to the Government servants (read Politicians and Babus). After so many years they woke up that they had missed the oppurtunity to make money and when TATAs enter the market they suddenly make it up an issue. Mr Raja sums up the whole thing by saying, "Talks at different levels take place" - which in Indian language means only one thing, Fund Transfer to secret Swiss Bank accounts! Security, encrypytion etc...are beyond the comprehensio of these jokers. Blackberry, Canadian operator has realized that they do not reserve the ONLY right to loot Indian customers and they are now sharing it with political masters.
  13. Sony Vaio Laptop Without Hard Disk

    Hard Disk will be thing of the past. Once the disk storage reaches 100-200 GB range even mediums like DVD, B-Ray will meet is end of the tunnel sooner than later. Hard Disk will be an external backup storage mechanism detached from work stations. Technology is moving away from deskstop centric storage mechanisms. With Cloud computing and centralized storages will ensure technologies like Yahoo/MSN Spaces/Google starget to gain momentum with people sharing their High-end processing power, with super charged server processors under clustured environments supported by Cashing replication mechanisms. People would simply carry a powerful processor which would simply take the information and process it from the server only for consumption but NOT for storing. Sony always carries Premium beyond the reach of common man in India. It is advisable to wait for more optimal solutions in this end than ending up buying the latest technology but at the entry level!
  14. NDTV (& Jet Airways) is indirectly owned by Dawood kind of people to engineer opinion in favor. CNN-IBN has tons of money from Western countries which is primarily controlled by special interest groups!!!! You can issue ready made "traitor" certificate if you see someone even remotely associated anything with the tag "Times"!!!! Now a days anti-Indian interest groups are trying to exploit India only to invade further! I have a simple Trivia for anyone: Can you guess who is the second biggest Real Estate Owner in Country? To make your life easier let me answer who is the first biggest Real Estate Owner in the country - it is Indian Army!
  15. It would be devastating to know the whole truth! It is indeed true that English Media and the primary players are being controlled by external interests. Pranoy Roy gets his bonus if he talks bad against Indian communities and Hindus in particular. Rajeev Paradesai, gets double bonus (because his wife also works) if he targets BJP more and more, Goswami gets his fat pay cheque if Indian culture is denigrated as trash. So there is nothing really surprising as such for those self-respecting individuals to see these caricatures in the media business bend their back too much and demean their stature and in turn look ridiculous infront of everyone.