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  1. vishalmcp, You can use Jio vouchers for recharging two Jio numbers only. First  number in which your "my jio app" is registered, second number is linked to your 'my  jio app'(You can link a second Jio number to your "my Jio app" Update the 'my jio' app if old version then open the app, goto My Account > Link new account> Switch account). You can not use  your Jio voucher other than these two numbers. 

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    any MTS user received portout code?

    Not received in Kerala circle till this time. MTS exclusive shops are working here, signal and customer care numbers are also live. Porting code is getting instantly when requested by SMS. I have 3 MTS numbers, 2 of these numbers are applied for porting, remaining 1 number is "allowed to die" and watching it's death.

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    It is still not clear how rcom will provide voice & sms on 4G only network as they have not yet induced "Volte".

    It is possible to call and sms through data with the help of special app (or softwares) if the internet provider permits. "JioFi (Jio's WiFi device) is a LTE device, sure it is NOT VOLTE device. We can call and SMS through this device with the help of "Jio4GVoice" app.  I have a 'Infocus M810' handset  which has no volte and only lte. Jio sim works in this handset, can call and sms if data is on. We can call clearly even in the low speed (speed after high speed daily limit).

  4. What will be the future of MTS? I have 2 important MTS numbers for voice calls. A mobile shop owner told me that MTS is NOT going to shut down by November 30, but in future Reliance will convert MTS voice spectrum to Reliance 4G then my MTS number will be automatically converted to Reliance 4G SIM and I can make voice calls by changing the handset from CDMA to 4G LTE. Is it true? 

  5. Here also facing the same kind of problem with Moto G Play. It happens when traveling (changing signal from one tower to another), Data is working, Incoming call is working, but no out going calls. Problem resolves while restarting. Using the same SIM there is no such problem in LYF Flame 8, VIVO Y21L and old Redmi 2 Prime. Also my old Infocus M810 gold is working well with JIO SIM and 'JIO 4G Voice' app (need to turn on data to call from Infocus as it does not supports VoLTE). I think this is due to some defect of Moto G Play. I am also noted that comparing the internet speed with same SIM, LYF Flame 8 is the slowest, earpiece voice clarity of Flame 8 is also worst, which has rattling sound along with human voice.