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  1. Price are confirmed but it's for GSM & Its Galaxy Y = 7200 Galaxy Y Duo = 8500 (not Ace) Diff. between two is Y has 2 mp camera & Y duo 3 mp cam.. rest I don't know & now I don't trust this WW guys
  2. Am sorry friends, even I was happy to hear this from guy at WW, I asked him twice & he confirmed that its for CDMA Today I went to see handset with detail and came to know that that handset is for GSM from other guy! This WW guys are ill informed. Well but they have just launched this handset for GSM. Hope to see this in CDMA Soon. Sorry for the trouble.
  3. Samsung has lauched Galaxy Y & Ace Dual Sim CDMA Handset Galaxy Y for 7200 Ace for 8500 just swa in WW, they don't have much detail will provide in 2 days. I think the same in GSM is available. Smartphone in good price range I think.
  4. Thanks for the info/ amitji. Dose It means that Rs.5 sms give Rs.50 bal. for surfing that is approx 83 mins? is there any other charges are applicable? or only Rs.5 will be deducted from your balance if you use it for 83 mins?
  5. Hi friends, I think new topic should be there for Samsung corby speed Games & Application. I want games like fireball, Solitaire So if any body has it kindly upload so we all the user of corby speed can download it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Where to go in Mumbai to upgrade firmware?? Any near by area in Opera House, Charni Road or Lamingtone Road? Is 2 months Live TV free or any hidden charges are there on it? Can't Say Its' Reliance!!!
  7. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Hi Frds. Join the corby gang! One question how to change message tone?? I can only select inbuilt tones for sms not the 1 I want from my mem.card Can ne 1 help on this issue? Thanks in advance
  8. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Hey where in Mumbai u r getting it @ 8.5K I need one
  9. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    I am getin corby in Mumbai @ 9250 think shud wait 4 few days!
  10. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    I was just thinking that sumthing like corby shud be introduced in CDMA, happy to c dis. Will go 4 corby as nok 6275 is very old now. price I think will be bet. 9000 to 10000.
  11. Clock Theme Not Working In Nokia 6275

    My dear frined, any of your .swf theme will not work (properly) on 6275 as swf themes require flash lite n 6275 doesn't support it. try .nth for themes. Even I am trying to find some clock theme in .nth format which can work on 6275.
  12. Hope by Diwali end reliance will offer its GSM service in Mumbai. Just waiting 2 c wat offers they r coming up with http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Busines...how/3537947.cms
  13. Any Software Updates For Nokia 6275

    Ramesh Did you know that how to move cursor of compose message options in nokia 6275 as vertically also because it is only moving horizontally ... if you have any idea please tell me. does diego help to me for getting this feature? try pressing 0 until uget (Enter) sign (three time 0) n you will be on next line. Ne further help needed feel free 2 ask.
  14. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    Hi its available at Opera House - Mumbai Delaer for 7300. Checked at ww they r out of stock n price quoted was 7500. Handset looks gud.
  15. Apple Iphone Is Here, Fully Unlocked.

    price plz. do u accept credit card also or only cash?