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  1. i agree with Parin ji... ace for 8500 will be really a great handset... but sir i doubt its 8500/- i mean gsm single is 13000/-... :huh: Mr. Tezo.. are the prices confirmed ???

    Price are confirmed but it's for GSM & Its

    Galaxy Y = 7200

    Galaxy Y Duo = 8500 (not Ace)

    Diff. between two is Y has 2 mp camera & Y duo 3 mp cam.. rest I don't know & now I don't trust this WW guys :nerves:

  2. Am sorry friends, even I was happy to hear this from guy at WW, I asked him twice & he confirmed that its for CDMA

    Today I went to see handset with detail and came to know that that handset is for GSM from other guy!

    This WW guys are ill informed.

    Well but they have just launched this handset for GSM.

    Hope to see this in CDMA Soon. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Well I think I will be with Reliance CDMA.

    Have tried BPL, MTNL & Airtel but my experience with reliance is so far so good. I don't say that they are the best but compare to other S.P. in Mumbai I prefer Reliance.

    Am sure all the service providers will come up with some good and attractive offers to retain their old customer let's see what reliance is going to offer.

  4. @tejo

    friend hw did u get this plan.. & can u tell me u where in which plan before srp...... did u cover 6 months with other plan ????? reply

    My Dear Ayaz, I am with rim from so many years n have 3 conn. I got this plan for no. is also 2 n half year old, I was under CAP plan which was also gud plan only outgoing to other mob/L.L. was on high side. plus have to pay add.99 for r-r free.

    So overall this is gud plan 4 me.

  5. dear friends,

    i have downloaded various swf themes ie clock themes for my nokia 6275 CDMA phone, but whenever i apply them it says one or more items missing....i suppose its cos of some file missing in our handsets, is there any way to download it from somewhere.....nd where can i find some quality games for this handset......

    My dear frined, any of your .swf theme will not work (properly) on 6275 as swf themes require flash lite n 6275 doesn't support it. try .nth for themes.

    Even I am trying to find some clock theme in .nth format which can work on 6275.