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  1. Review Of Spice D6666

    Not yet.. The dealers in Pune are still out of stock Yes.. it is good that they will replace my handset but not sure when...
  2. Review Of Spice D6666

    Unfortunately due to some software problem, there was a continuous white display coming on my handset.. So I went to service center.. they gave me letter for getting the handset replaced from dealer.. But dealer is out of stock now So waiting for new handset..
  3. Hi, I also faced same problem for contact backup from Nokia 6275 to Spice D6666. Well Nokia CSV file format can not be imported directly as the format is different. What I did is: 1. Open Contacts in Nokia PC Suit, then select all contacts and File-Send-All contacts in email.. 2. This will open an email editor with all contacts attached as VCFs. Now go to preview mode of email and say View Attachments 3. Save all the VCFs to your machine. 4. Now open All the VCFs in some advanced text editor like Notepad++. 5. Replace All occurances of VERSION:3.0 to VERSION:2.1. from all VCF files 5. Also Replace All ;;;; from all VCFs with empty space. 6. Now all your VCFs are ready to be imported in Spice D6666. 7. Create a folder "SpiceAddrBackup" on memory card and add "VCF" folder inside it. 8. Copy all your VCFs to the above created folder. 9. Now launch Contacts backup application and choose Import, VCF, From memory card. 10. Say OK and all your contacts will be imported. For experiment purpose you can do this for 2-3 contacts first and then go for all contacts. Well it took 2 days for me to find this method. I hope you can do it quickly.. Note that if you have multiple numbers under a single name then you need to be cautious .. You should have only single entry of one TEL;CELL: one TEL;HOME: and one TEL;WORK: in a vcf file. If you have multiple numbers then keep one under each of these three. But not all under TE;CELL: or only a single number will be imported.
  4. thanks chintan. I will surely check it out this weekend. But will this scheme last long? And what are the speeds you are getting? Another problem will be when I go to my hometown, I dont think Aircel network is available there.. Anyways.. I will check it out..
  5. Hi, I found that most of the service providers are charging 10p/10kb for GPRS on mobile handset. Airtel is providing many options for unsubscribed GRPS like 1) No rental, 30p/50kb 2) 3Rs daily rental, 1 MB free, 20p/50kb 3) 10Rs daily rental, 3MB free, 20p/50kb etc. There are monthly subscriptions also available. I am mobile GPRS user on weekends only.. so not willing to go for monthly subscription. So looking for cheaper and better GPRS provider.. Tata Docomo 15Rs/3day unlimited plan in not available in Maharashtra So please suggest some other better options if available..
  6. Please Show More Number Of Recently Added Topics

    Great.. Thanks for a quick response..
  7. Hi Admin, Currently only 5 recently added topics are shown on right hand side. It will be great if you can show 10 recently added topics. Also showing 5 recently added posts would be a great idea. Since number of users and topics are growing day by day this will be of great help for everybody. -Tejkumar
  8. Review Of Spice D6666

    Hi vitthal, 1. Internet connection is possible using pc/laptop through Master GSM sim's GPRS setting. 2. U can access any website on handset using Opera mini or on PC after connection. 3. I think DS440 is just launched.. earlier it was not listed on fly website. feature wise both phones looks same except EDGE.. u can go for Fly depending on your requirements. and dont forget to share your reviews on Fly DS440 this DS440 add looks great http://www.flyphone.in/images/company/collateral/full/ds440.jpg
  9. vitthal, please check my spice mobile review in this same category. i am using opera on same mobile to reply u.
  10. Review Of Spice D6666

    Design: Sharp edges, keyboard is not very handy. Big in size because of its 2.4" screen. Screen: Very less viewing angle. If u tilt handset the screen becomes shaded. Sound: Good quality. Loved FM and audio player. Nice UI. FM recoding works great Sim Cards: This phone is good for GSM users. The slave cdma/gsm sim has very less functionality. Audio Player: UI is great. Audio player can keep only 128 songs in playlist. Also it is mandatory to store all songs in "My Music" folder. Music in subfolders will not be detected. SMS: Group SMS can be send from Master card and not from Slave sim. T9 dictionary handles only one combination of specific keys. e.g press 2273 gives "base" but no way to change to "care". GPRS: Only works for GSM master sim. Opera also works for GSM only. Java: Can install java games / software's. Battery: It is 1000mAh battery but still needs daily recharge. Ruins fast. Camera: Works fine in daylight. But in night mode images are not of good quality. No digital zoom. Video: Player and recorder both work great. Apps: Backup Contacts is very good and handy. Memory: Internal memory of 8MB. Works fine with loaded 4 GB memory card. No hanging issue (as of now) Outlets:Single All-in-one outlet for charger, headphone and USB cable. Extras: Call filter, private menu, mobile tracker etc functions well.
  11. @amit kc551 is not available on karbonn website http://www.karbonnmobiles.com/mobiles Is there any handset having 2.0+ MP camera with GSM+CDMA support?
  12. Opera Mini 5 Beta Introduced

    http://www.opera.com/mini/next/ To try Opera Mini 5 beta, simply visit the address m.opera.com/next, using your phone’s default Web browser or download to your computer. And it is completely free. Just used it on my Nokia 6275i. Looks cool and very useful. Thanks to Opera !!!
  13. Go for Spice D-6666 Dual model, Price MRP Rs.7999/ It can be used as GSM-GSM or CDMA-GSM You can find details in post http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=20835
  14. Ok. So D-6666 should also support tata indicom n/w on opera mini. @Genius, Can you please check to add tata indicom card in D-6666 and check if opera mini able to browse on tata n/w. (Do not insert any GSM card). This will be really helpful for me as well as other forum members interested in Spice D-6666. BTW the handset is still not available in Pune, MH. Does anybody know about its availability in Pune?