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  1. Please suggest HTC One V Fair Price

    how about Sony xperia U, has anyone used it or tested??
  2. Whatsapp On BlackBerry without BIS Plan?

    put up the right APN settings in ur network connection, and install whatsapp from its website not from BB app world. try that out
  3. Im using this AIr kernel, which was originally made for Nexus S users in south korea, it has given some pretty stable resuls better than matrix, check here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1516535
  4. hi , today i talked to CC , they said all the plans are available now i asked for MOLBILENET99, they said plan would be actiavted from next billing cycle, but i withhold till 24th as its my billing cycle date. Has anyone have tried the same, i have EVDO enabled imported handset, do i need to modify any settings to use this plan?? I am on netconnect plan as if now. please share your experience as rimweb senior members have done amazing job to get these plans avaialble to everyone. thanks -sunny
  5. anyone tried subscribing to plan today. i talked to CC, they said they have no info on plan ,(today morning, i gave them plan code too), they also said as if 16th FEB default plan 2p/10KB is available with no NUC. but no info on MOBILENET199 -sunny
  6. Hetal, you are the man. Great to see efforts resulting into something concrete. Will try to activate 199 mobile net plan, and will let know of the outcome? Sunny
  7. HRA and Housing Loan Principal For Property

    I'm also starting my full emi from this month, and will be getting possession this yeas end or Jan 2013, so as per say, I can claim deduction in fiscal year 2012-13?? Thanks for info
  8. Tata Indicom Diet 199 Plan

    So I should ask CC to update my plan with 150 std plus 200 local will try that Sunny
  9. Tata Indicom Diet 199 Plan

    thanks but CC isnt aware of it, how can i make this choice, i would liek to go with for std+ local calls take 200min local+150min std its little confusing isnt it! thanks
  10. hi , tata indicom/docomo CDMA has introduced this new plan " new diet 199" lately. i wanted to subscribe to this plan, so i called up CC, but he didn't have adequate info about the plan. point of confusion being (check page http://cdma.tatadocomo.com/entry-level-plans.aspx for new diet 199) Any 2 of 200 mins (Local) 150 mins (STD) 500 sms (local) 100 Mb Data (1x) He failed to explain how would i be able to make choice about any two of the above. as per him i will get this info in next billing cycle which is quite risky Can some one please explain whats this thanks rimweb -sunny
  11. okay as handset is for my bro and he is little extra cautious for india warranty, so i think neo V seems good choice and defy +, any other recommendations please! how about galaxy R, people are more inclined towards G2X!, i hate increasing the budget. superhate that
  12. I was looking for gsm handset for brother he liked optimus Black i am getting price 17.7k from http://www.adexmart.com/lg/2102-lg-optimus-black-p970.html any other good mobile in that range or best price on Black? please remember 17k is my outer range. anything major against optimus black?
  13. will these settings work with windows mobile data plan??