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  1. Samsung Galaxy S3

    OK "non-verizon sim ..." notification issue is solved. Just disable/ delete. setup wizard 1.0 like through titanium backup.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3

    OK I have got rid of the " non-Verizon SIM..." notification I installed titanium backup and was freezing the bloatware and apps I generally don't use. After reboot notification was gone. AND MY PHONE IS ROCKING WITHOUT ANY ISSUES NO FCs. Although I have to locate the exact culprit by enabling/disabling each one of the following ( only the more likely ones.) Maybe the gurus here can simply tell baby there knowledge the culprit. AllShare Controller 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.allsharedmc) AllShare Play 1.0.0210 (com.sec.pcw) AllShare Service 1.0 (com.sec.android.allshare.framework) Apps 3.05.78 (com.gravitymobile.app.hornbill) Backup Assistant Plus 1.0 (com.samsung.BackupAssistant) Backup Assistant Plus 2.0 (com.samsung.vmmhux) Bubbles 1.0 (com.android.noisefield) ChocoEUKor 1.0 (com.monotype.android.font.chococooky) Clock (digital) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.digitalclock) Clock (funky) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclockunique) Clock (modern) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.analogclocksimple) Color (com.color.android.socialcam) com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.sec.android.app.wfdbroker) com.sec.bcservice 1.0 (com.sec.bcservice) com.test.LTEfunctionality 1.0 (com.test.LTEfunctionality) com.test.LTETestModeSetting 1.0 (com.test.LTETestModeSetting) com.verizon.permissions.appdirectedsms 1.0 (com.verizon.permissions.appdirectedsms) com.verizon.permissions.securesettings 1.0 (com.verizon.permissions.securesettings) com.verizon.permissions.vzwappapn 1.0 (com.verizon.permissions.vzwappapn) Deep sea 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.deepsea) DirectShareManager 1.3.2 (com.sec.android.directshare) Downloads 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.providers.downloads.ui) DRM Protected Content Storage 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.providers.drm) DttSupport 1.0 (com.sec.android.dttsupport) Dual clock (analog) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.dualclockanalog) Dual clock (digital) 1.0 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.dualclockdigital) Email 4.0 (com.android.email) Enterprise SysScope Service 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.server.device.enterprise) Enterprise VPN Services 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.server.vpn.enterprise) EnterprisePermissions 1.0 (com.sec.enterprise.permissions) Error 1.0.0 (com.sec.app.RilErrorNotifier) Exchange services 3.1 (com.android.exchange) FWUpgrade 1.2.0 (com.sec.android.fwupgrade) Google Play Books 2.4.3 (com.google.android.apps.books) Google Play Movies 1.4.11 (com.google.android.videos) Google Play Music 4.1.513 (com.google.android.music) Guided Tours 1.1 (com.samsung.tutorial) Helv Neue S 1.0 (com.monotype.android.font.helvneuelt) INDIServiceManager 1.1 (com.samsung.scrc.idi.server) Kies air 2.1.207301 (com.samsung.swift.app.kiesair) Kies via Wi-Fi 2.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.kieswifi) Luminous dots 1.0 (com.samsung.android.livewallpaper.luminousdots) Media Hub 1.6.0(LE07, 6487) (com.samsung.mediahub) Mobile print (com.sec.android.app.mobileprint) Music Hub (com.samsung.music) MusicFX 1.4 (com.android.musicfx) My files 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.myfiles) My Uploads 1.5.14 (com.google.android.apps.uploader) My Verizon Mobile 10.0.229 (com.vzw.hss.myverizon) My Verizon profile 0.2 (com.samsung.hux.sso) Nearby devices 1.3.0 (com.sec.android.nearby.mediaserver) NewBayService 1.3.29_silent (com.vcast.service) Nfc Service 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.nfc) NFC Test 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.nfctest) OmaDrmPopup 1.0 (com.sec.android.drmpopup) Phase beam 1.0 (com.android.phasebeam) Photo wall 1.0 (com.siso.photoWall) PickupTutorial 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.pickuptutorial) PopupuiReceiver 1.6 (com.sec.android.app.popupuireceiver) QoSSig 1.0 (com.verizon.permissions.qos) Remote Controls 4.14 (com.sec.pcw.device) S Suggest 3.1.69 (com.tgrape.android.radar) Samsung account 1.2.051 (com.osp.app.signin) Samsung Backup Provider 1.0 (com.sec.android.sCloudBackupProvider) Samsung Cloud Data Relay 1.1.8 (com.sec.android.sCloudRelayData) Samsung Cloud Syncadapters 1.0 (com.sec.android.sCloudSync) Samsung Push Service 1.0.5 (com.sec.spp.push) Samsung TTS (com.samsung.SMT) SASlideShow 1.0 (com.sec.android.saslideshow) SDM 1.0 (com.samsung.sdm) Setup Wizard 1.3 (com.google.android.setupwizard) Setup wizard 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.setupwizard) SmartcardService 2.3.2 (org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service) SNS 1.01 (com.sec.android.app.sns3) SPG 1.0 (com.samsung.spg) Sync Service (com.fusionone.android.sync.service) SyncMLSvc 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.samsung.syncmlservice) SysScope 1.1.11 (com.sec.android.app.sysscope) Tags 1.1 (com.android.apps.tag) Topic Wall 1.0 (com.samsung.topicwall) TouchWiz home 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.sec.android.app.launcher) Try panning 1.0 (com.sec.android.motions.settings.panningtutorial) TwDVFSApp 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.twdvfs) UltraCfg 1.0.14 (com.sec.modem.settings) V CAST Tones 4.5.17-3 (com.vzw.hs.android.modlite) Verizon SSO Engine 1.0.31 (com.motricity.verizon.ssoengine) Voicemail 2.1.00 (com.samsung.vvm) VPN Client 2.5.1 (com.ipsec.vpnclient) VpnDialogs 4.0.4-I535VRALG1 (com.android.vpndialogs) VZ Navigator (com.vznavigator.SCHI535) VZW Package installer (com.gravitymobile.vzwinstaller) VZWAPNService 8.0 (com.vzw.apnservice) Weather 120605.02 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.hero.accuweather.widget) Weather Daemon 120426.01 (com.sec.android.daemonapp.ap.accuweather) Weather Main 120605.02 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.hero.accuweather) Wi-Fi Direct 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareClient) Wi-Fi Direct share 1.0 (com.sec.android.app.FileShareServer) Windy weather 1.0 (com.sec.ccl.csp.app.secretwallpaper.themetwo) WlanTest 1.0.0 (com.sec.android.app.wlantest) wssyncmlnps 2.0.0 (com.wssnps) Yahoo! Finance 120510.01 (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoostock.stockclock) Yahoo! News (com.sec.android.widgetapp.ap.yahoonews)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Yes you would know my Blue SIII !!! But would love if it could go... OK What about Flashing ROMs or deleting bloatwares, or factory resets, how far I can go, I am OK with ODIN, CWM, and other basic stuff, BUT people have scared me about the Verizon and information is scanty on net. I find that generic unlock code may be entered somwhere on detection of non-verizon sim from following opening post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1777940 But where I do not know. Also I have CDMA ws latest addition, if that may help me get rid of this small issue as well. Off course I am loving it and going to enjoy every bit of it.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi Today I received my S3, Verizon version and got it activated on Reliance. Everything is working, thank God. Now only problem is that without SIM in the sim slot I receive notification (this is ongoing and can't be removed) With Idea SIM in it still shows Non-Verizon SIM in notification (and this also does not go) Great thing is I am able to switch to GSM mode and make receive calls and connect in 3G mode for data. Can some one tell me how to remove the sim notification? Also Is there a way to Play with ROMs without running the risk to get locked without activated verizon sim? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Today I transfered my number to My new EVO3D through *228 and also made and received few calls. Then I do not know why I brought trouble to my self by going into EPST and changing username in advanced. After which I have not been able to make a single call. I tried hard reset, then loaded from incredible's backed up NAM settings to EVO3D. Nothing seems to work All outgoing calls disconnect in 2 secs, including *228. incoming goes to voicemail. Please guide me
  6. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    WOW... BUT how soon would that soon be...?? Voice on EVDO should mean 3G data?? or I am expecting too much Last time that was hinted on this thread was long back... Hope we get it soon So is there a way to get back EPST.apk working without factory reset? Doc could you pull out EPST.apk from system if that will help... (sorry that does sound demanding!!)
  7. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    I am on stock rom rooted, on stock radio (NOT updated my radio) PRL is 00005 and ERI 5. I remmember having changed EVRC to EVRC-b as recommended by DK and I am able to access my NETWORK settings through qpst!!, But would like to have EPST ##778 back as it allowed me easier option to access them and edit. I tried *228 but got error "programming failed" which suggests EPST.apk is corrupt. Checked under settings>applications>manage applications>EPST it shows with 0 BYTES and nothing else. Another observation Version of EPST through task manager is 2.1 update 1, BUT in settings>applications>>EPST>about the version is 7 !!?? is that OK?
  8. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    Dear Friends I need epst.apk for incredible. Seems like mine is corrupted for some reason because now ##778 does nothing. Can someone with root pull out this file and post. Also I did find epst.apk from hero thread on androidforum but I am not sure whether that would work, so Gurus if you could help.... Thanks in advance.
  9. Incredible Wakeup Using Trackpad

    Easily WakeUp Incredible with Track Pad! After searching since I bought Incredible I had been missing this functionality on Inc. Finally I got this file elsewhere and this gets me love my Inc even more. Hope there are others who would like it as well. Just download the file, Unzip and put the file in the tools folder of SDK. while phone is powered on plug it in and then do Code: adb reboot recovery Once in recovery: Code: adb shell mount -a (it will give error saying it couldnt mount curtain things. This is OK) now run Code: df (It will output some data and percentage figures) Now run Code: cd /system/usr/keylayout cp qwerty.kl qwerty.kl.old (do this so we have a backup incase we need to go back) Now run Code: adb push qwerty.kl /system/usr/keylayout adb reboot Wola... once booted, you would be able to power on the screen with the optical trackpad. qwerty.zip
  10. Need Help To Setup Mobile Hotspot On Incredible

    As already mentioned my others you have two options Froyo/Root. I can just inform you that I have been using WiFi tether for some time with my rooted Inc and it works just fine. Also now Root is now much easier with latest method released.
  11. Incredible Boot Animation

    I feel thats apparent, I also felt this initially and got back to stock, but then timed both bootloads and found comparable result. Infact I feel Since the time I rooted its taking bit longer to boot... BUT would not go back from ROOT achieved with such effort. Take this link and test as many animations "BOOT ANIMATIONS" Thank you, . Yes this would require you to change the desc.txt file in the bootanimation.zip from what it is in mine and like: 480 800 10 p 1 0 part0 p 0 0 part1 480 800 10 Width, height, frame rate p 1 0 foldername Play 1 time, then pause for 0 frames p 0 0 otherfolder Play infinite times, no pause between loops to 320 480 10 p 1 0 part0 p 0 0 part1 after saving this file you have to zip back without compression. so may have to use something like 7zip from here This change is reversible and you can get back to stock by Running following commands in cmd promt with phone connected in usb debug mode through adb. adb shell ls -l /data/local rm /data/local/bootanimation.zip rm /data/local/android_audio.mp3 adb reboot.
  12. Incredible Boot Animation

    For all those, Like me, Who felt HTC Hero boot was better than Static dull boot of Incredible... Custom Boot Animations Has many wonderful animations that can be picked. I made video of mine and uploaded if that looks good files with procedure below. Download the 2 attached files and put them in your Android SDK/Tools Folder. send following commands adb push android_audio.mp3 /data/local adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local/ adb reboot {disclaimer: Neither the bootanimation nor the audio was created by me, Only this combination used by me for My custom Bootanimatiom} There is link for animation as file was big but audio is attached for direct download. bootanimation android_audio.mp3
  13. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    +1 Thank you For some reason this has solved the problem of fluctuation of signals.
  14. Easy Method For Root On Incredible

    With all respect for gurus like you, I did not take any credit for the method. I mentioned it in the first line itself. The link you have given shows "they will be back soon", I did not take the method from there. This is compilation of informatio from various places on androidforum and xda. But still, I have mentioned few differences in the procedure which I feel tend to work better, at least in my experience of rooting 3 times successfully by this method while I was struggling to get the root before this. You may have noted I have combined few steps from two methods most popular elsewhere. I was researching for many days and failing. I was confused about people mentioning about 1.SD card compatibility 2.Driver issues 3. Timing issues, I have in this method ensured that all issues would be taken care of. I have in one place tried to provide information regarding 1.Driver modification in .inf, 2.timing is taken care by Incredible rooter application, and for some reason 3.card does not matter in this method 4.steps 9,10,11 are where the two methods combine. This is for noobs like us and not for masters like you. Was just trying to contribute my bit as I have got so much from this forum I felt like contributing. I am sorry if I made some mistake.