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  1. the latest news is that the plan 770 has been "suspended" .... well thats wat the cust representative told me.....
  2. well yes even with the 500 plan the 1 gb limit is outrageous!!!!. when the free limits were going on i used to average around 17 gb per month for nearly 3 months. and now the habit is damn hard to break to restrict my downloading to 1gb per month . but i think that serious downloaders like me dont need to worry bout the limits coz the night time waiver has been given and i am gonna lap it up. well 6 hours is not less. and yes i can even dnld porn as my parents will be asleep
  3. well my ip also does not allow reverse resolve but i have not faced any probs as yet.
  4. man win 98 is age old!!!!!! u shud upgrade coz majority software support is dead for win 98.at least upgrade to 98se if not xp!!!