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  1. Games for Nokia 6255

    Hi, I bought a DKU-2 Datacable for just Rs. 120/-
  2. All About Nokia 6255

    Does anybody know how to connect PC to 6255 phone using CA-42 cable. I mean, i wanted to know if anybody has tried doing so???? Thanks
  3. Games for Nokia 6255

    I was able to download the games presented here. But how do I load the JRE & JAD format into the mobile as an application. Do I have to use Mobimb or some other related software & a DKU-5 datacable for it or just load the JAR file to the card using the card reader & what should be done afterwards. Please recommend a solution.
  4. All about LG 6130 - Camera Phone

    Dear Xshay421, I also bought cable at @ 350/-. First I tried USB cable, but could not find any driver for the same. The driver what ever available with me I tried, only LG lite worked , but not LG Link. I have not tried R connect. Then I replaced it with COM port cable and everyting worked well. I have also asked ppl to send me USB driver in case anyone is successfully using it, but not received any response. And as you said don't expect help from Reliance and LG ppl. You can try proper USB dirver for your cable. For COM port cable there is no problem. 37019[/snapback] Hey Jatin, I too have a USB cable, which I'm using just to connect to R-Connect. But can't we get anything like USB to RS232 cable by which we can connect to PC via. both?