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  1. Tutorial: Get GSM Call, Data & SMS Working On HTC Rezound

    ICS Stock RUU (Flash from hBoot) Download link...faster and supports Getright/ DAP http://www.bergfiles.com/i/bf53bf7ee6h32i0
  2. Android Market not working on my HTC EVO

    The problem occers when your EVO is not properly Flashed. If you restore the MEID the market will work. Scan the locations of MEID and PESN again and make them all ZERO or Get the original MEID Registered. I have faced this problem and solved it.
  3. Wanna Remove Sprint Apps On Your Android?

    For the newbies there is a easier option. After rooting you phone with one click root solution by Unrevoked 3.2. Install Titanium Back Pro, go to back/restore and remove unneeded default apps from there.