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  1. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    how do u choose ur evdo plan, is it again through cc ?
  2. Reviews for Ainol Novo 9 Spark

    even i was doing the research , and still i am like cat on the wall, the tablet looks impressive with specs, including the 10" hero 2 etc, let me know what ur experience is tomorrow in mumbai
  3. EVDO blackout in majority of Delhi?

    3G Not working for me in east delhi , on 1x , sometimes get 3g but back on 1x, so looks likes even in east delhi as of 00:00 hours we have the problem, do not know about earlier period
  4. Motorola Razr Maxx - Actual Use Review

    Have a razr maxx and agree with kalpak bhai, i am getting couple of days without a charge, with data on 24 hours time , this is what every smartphone manufacturer need to achieve, no fear of being out of touch becuase you are away from a power source. Just love the phone
  5. Verizon Palm Pre Plus (HP) - Awesome Device

    hey, big fan of web os, have hp pre3, only i am sad that we do not have enough apps to play with I normally use this site to get my latest version of cracked apps, hope this helps you to rock with the palm pre plus fuzzypalm.blogspot.in
  6. All about Tikona

    i had two connection with tikona, it is worst isp i ever had, worst network, very bad customer service, line goes dead for days and no amount of complaining to nodal officer seems to get things done. So in short stay away I shifted to youbroadband for last 6 months , they have good speeds and as of now extremely strong customer service and the speeds are good and stable and i would say plans are cheap considering you get 25gb donwload cap at over 5 mbps and once the cap is reached it is unlimited at 1mbps. Not many isp have these speeds once a cap reached at 1000 rs a month
  7. Good Hotels in Ooty

    checkout sterling fernhill, it is away from the shor and a good place u can check out savoy too
  8. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    g-fone 588 is also bb clone, dual standy cdma - gsm approx pricing 4k
  9. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    absolutely, very simple guide for anyone to follow , keep it coming kapil sir
  10. Verizon Samsung Fascinate - Beauty With The Brains

    guys , i seem to have a gps fix issue with the fascinate, even in open areas i do not get a fix, tried using gps test, to no avail, do we have an easy method to solve this issue, thanks for the help in advance
  11. How to get Yahoo Messenger, Skype on Palm Pixi?

    try im+ , i think we have cracked version on this forum too
  12. Get Your Stealth Guard Free For Limited Time

    looks like cost is recovered from the shipping charges, since average cost of protector where is shipping is free is almost same as the shipping cost here, so looks like nice gimmick
  13. Please suggest dual SIM handset

    G-fone 588 http://g-fone.in/get_phone_details_588.html good battery life and other feature price is approx 4500 , looks neat, but a chinese phone Ofcourse u have from others too, but i think price is higher
  14. Videocon - Flexi Dual Mode (Gsm+Gsm/cdma)

    cdma 1x not possible. only gprs is possible and i use vodafone for the same , so cdma for calling and browsing is vodafone @ 98 Rs a month
  15. Videocon - Flexi Dual Mode (Gsm+Gsm/cdma)

    The videocon is copy of g-fone 588. The videocon in chennai is available for Rs.5300 and the g-fone 588 is available for RS.4800 in gujurat (www.g-fone.in,u will be lucky if u get to access the site, since it is under construction), both cdma and gsm sim work fine at same time. The phone is chinese product with service backup in all major cities, However there is no comparison with Normal htc, bb, phone which are talked abt on the forum ,the battery backup is good. I have used the phone and sharing my experiences and not marketing the phone ;-)