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  1. Count me in too... Btw i have a cpl of ps3 game disks for giveaway.. Any1 interested lemme kno
  2. count me in...been looking to buy this for the last three months but all i got was sky high prices...
  3. ^it wont @ktd lemme kno if i need to send the address .. as in if i am eligible / any are left?
  4. cud i have a piece of the pie as well @killthedope as in if any (preferably otterbox) remains please do consider me
  5. After giving whatever i could to the forum.. here comes a day when i need u pplz help... My wife just happened to enter my Angel in her very first competition and as it happens its more a show of hands/ votes than anything else.. so i look back on my friends here to bail me out as nthn less than a win would suffice so please hit up the link.. spread the word and get me as many likes as u can... please do spare a few minutes FOR this Brother in need.. just head to the page and click like
  6. under contact us in rewardsme .. just lodge a complaint of ITEM NOT RECEIVED .. and see hw it starts coming by mail in 2-3 days... tried it with multiple ppl who registered and all started getting it.. so go try it.. and dun frget to rep/thank me guys
  7. @parth address pm'ed @dipan tx m8.. lemme look it up.. if it is usable as per plans i keep .. else i forward it to u .. ALONG WITH THE ADAPTOR..
  8. Windows 8 Tablets May Challenge New iPad in Early Fall Less than one week after Apple launched its third-generation tablet to some three million opening weekend sales, it can't possibly seem like an inviting time to be a competitor in the tablet marketplace. Fortunately for Microsoft, plenty of time remains for the new iPad to cool off before the software giant unleashes its forthcoming tab lets this fall. According to the rumor mill Wednesday, Microsoft will release its new Windows 8 tablets in September or October. Digitimes says today that Samsung Electronics, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer and Asustek will all launch Windows 8 on ARM (WoA) tablet PCs within the next twelve months, with some of those offerings likely to turn up much sooner. "In line with Microsoft's release of Windows 8 in September-October," Digitimes says, "first-tier vendors including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asustek Computer are developing x86-based tablets for launch in October, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers." The rumor-friendly report once again claims that Apple will probably launch another 9.7-inch iPad in October in a move that could undercut the Windows 8 tablets coming into the market at that time. Then again, a lot of things can happen - and a lot of rumors can change - between now and this fall. Source: Digitimes
  9. @greatest cud use the charger if its a palm one... coz i broke mine recently and the one i bot off market sends the touchscreen into a tizzzzzyy