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  1. Count me in too... Btw i have a cpl of ps3 game disks for giveaway.. Any1 interested lemme kno
  2. count me in...been looking to buy this for the last three months but all i got was sky high prices...
  3. ^it wont @ktd lemme kno if i need to send the address .. as in if i am eligible / any are left?
  4. cud i have a piece of the pie as well @killthedope as in if any (preferably otterbox) remains please do consider me
  5. Non SMS Stuff

    After giving whatever i could to the forum.. here comes a day when i need u pplz help... My wife just happened to enter my Angel in her very first competition and as it happens its more a show of hands/ votes than anything else.. so i look back on my friends here to bail me out as nthn less than a win would suffice so please hit up the link.. spread the word and get me as many likes as u can... please do spare a few minutes FOR this Brother in need.. just head to the page and click like
  6. Collect Your Freebies !

    under contact us in rewardsme .. just lodge a complaint of ITEM NOT RECEIVED .. and see hw it starts coming by mail in 2-3 days... tried it with multiple ppl who registered and all started getting it.. so go try it.. and dun frget to rep/thank me guys
  7. @parth address pm'ed @dipan tx m8.. lemme look it up.. if it is usable as per plans i keep .. else i forward it to u .. ALONG WITH THE ADAPTOR..
  8. @greatest cud use the charger if its a palm one... coz i broke mine recently and the one i bot off market sends the touchscreen into a tizzzzzyy
  9. is it the white dock that used to come with the phone in the earlier days.. if yes then u can use it for 3gs & 4g as well