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  1. RConnect & Linux

    hey guys. I'm trying to configure my Nokia 6255 to connect via bluetooth on linux (Fedora Core 4), and though i've managed to get the bluetooth running, i have no idea of the nokia modem command codes. Looking around, nobody seems to have mentioned them before. I can get the phone to dial out, but have no idea of the connect code, so it just keeps on dialing. An email to Nokia about the command codes was fruitless, and i was told Nokia phones do not currently support linux, and that i should use windows! Anybody got some idea about this?
  2. All About Nokia 6255

    DKU-2 and 6255 support is only for USB 1.1.
  3. All About Nokia 6255

    The DKU2 issue. Get the latest version of PC Suite from the Nokia website... relianceinfo.com is still handing out the old version. It's connection manager has more options. By default (ie, without installing nokia pc suite), connecting the usb cable to the PC shows you the phone's MMC as removable memory, ie, the computer sees it as a new hard disk (or flash disk/pen drive.... etc). You can transfer any file you like here, but games can not be installed this way. Your cable appears to be working... the issue is with pc suite not correctly identifying your connection methodology. pc suite contains the latest drivers for DKU2 as well. Just remember to disconnect the cable when installing. If the issue still remains, let us know.
  4. Nokia 6255 And Bluetooth

    Hey Rakash. I'm not sure what your doubt is (what 'amount' are you referring to?). So i'll try to go over bluetooth in general, hoping it covers your doubt. Simply put, bluetooth is a means to connect devices without wires, using low powered radio waves. Bluetooth is comparably low power, and is restricted to about 10-25 feet, depending on obstacles. Unlike infrared, line of sight (LOF) is not required. The Nokia 6255 is the first (and so far, the only) bluetooth phone introduced by reliance. With bluetooth, the phone can connect wirelessly with other bluetooth enabled devices, such as many GSM phones (to transfer ringtones, videos, mp3s, images, etc), bluetooth headsets, and computers. Majority of computers are bluetooth enabled by the addition of a USB bluetooth dongle, which simply acts as a radio antenna. Using bluetooth to access R connect does not affect your internet speeds, or influence connection costs in anyway. Bluetooth is simply a substitute for a data cable, thats all.
  5. All About Nokia 6255

    Couple of things. Yes, the handset does warm up over time, but its hardly a problem. At these fantastic rates, i tend to talk a lot!! The battery life is generally good, though that is always highly dependent on factors such as signal strength and bluetooth. Syncing your contacts depends on which bluetooth drivers you are using. If you are using Widcomm/Bluesoliel, you should import your contacts into outlook first... ditto with the microsoft drivers. Its just the simplest way. Use the bluetooth menu options for this. I'm assuming your bluetooth dongle supports syncing. It most likely does. Confirm though. Even though Nokia PC Suite lacks certain features 6255 users need, it's a wise thing to get the latest version. Get it from the Nokia site, not Reliance. Reliance is still handing out the older version. R-Connect thru Bluetooth.... I've connected just fine thru both the Widcomm driver and the Windows XP driver. Anujit, I'm assuming you're using XP SP2, since you're using the microsoft driver. For me, modem initialization string of +CRM=1;+CSO=33 works. AT+CRM results in an error. Try deleting the AT from your string and see if that works better. The result will depend on whether Nokia PC suite has had a chance to alter your modem settings. No biggie.
  6. All About Nokia 6255

    Hey there. I've been using the Nokia 6255 for some weeks now. i got it the day it released, solely on the basis of bluetooth. I never even saw the handset. I thought i'd share my opinion. Everybody i know felt the phone was too bulky. That is, till they used it. I think it's fine. It's a bit wider than most phones, but i personally don't see that as a design flaw. In fact, i appreciate its clean lines and zen like (the buddhism, not the car) simplicity. It's the same reason i liked the sony ericsson T610, the last fone i used. Open the clamshell, and its a clean crisp display. Very neat. I find it more appealing than the LG or samsung phones, which seem to have carried forward their design ethics from their native teeny-booper korean target audiences. Not my cup of tea. Initially the external antenna seemed like a downer, though i see the wisdom in including a whip antenna. Very useful, especially for me, doomed to a region with pathetic signal (GSM & CDMA). Thankfully nokia included the antenna in it's design code, and reworked it, and the square style is appreciated. feature wise, this phone delivers. What do people expect for the price? I paid 12.5, and what do people expect to get in that? someone remarked that for this price they should have included a bluetooth headset. all i can say is, that is a mighty unreasonable demand. For this price?! what do you expect? phone with built in microwave oven?! 0.3 MP camera is shoddy, but at least its a VGA camera. It's pretty clear for a 0.3 MP camera, though. The 5 way navigation methodology could be reworked to be more intuitive, but its ok. I have used both the DKU-2 and bluetooth to connect this phone, and both work fine. R connect speeds are great. the heating problem that people All in all, i liked it. It does everything i expect it to do, and a bit more.
  7. Nokia 6255 And Bluetooth

    Whoopsie. My bad. I meant to write 144 kbps, but typos typos typos!
  8. Nokia 6255 And Bluetooth

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here about connection speeds, and what it means. The connection speed windows displays in the taskbar has absolutely NO relation to the actual connection speed you're getting. All that shows is the max speed at which your computer can communicate (transfer data) with your phone. This speed can be increased or decreased, but this does NOT influence your R-Connect speed. People have posted saying they are getting speeds of 230 kbps and so on. This is simply the connection speed to the computer, not the R-Connect speed. If you wish to, you can tweak that speed to upwards of 430 kbps.... but it has no effect on actual internet speeds. CDMA supports speeds of only about 114 kbps, not more. Whether you connect thru bluetooth, USB, or infrared, you cannot possibly exceed 114 kbps in actual internet speed. this is the restriction of current CDMA technology, and there is nothing reliance or anybody can do about it. Tweaking your system or fiddling with connections will not increase your speed beyond this 114 mark. this 114 kbps speed should translate into about 10-14 Kb/s (thats 14 Kbs per second)... which is a reasonably good speed. This may be less, depending upon your signal strength and other factors. I agree reliance tariffs are high, but considering the options.... it's ok.