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  1. Palm Treo 755

    Serial cable?! Some reason you use serial instead of USB?
  2. Palm Treo 755

    Go to the phone program, menu, info... what's the PRL revision? GO to phone program, menu, system select... is it set for automatic or home only?
  3. Imei Verification

    Yeah, then it's because all 35353301 prefix's are issued to the Dopod P3400
  4. Imei Verification

    What model HTC,... Gene ? Dopod is a rebrand of HTC. I'm guessing the issue is because the website in question, or it's resources, break the IMEI down into segments... the data it compares those segments to use ranges and are not exact. It's more accurate than probably neccessary for the originally intended receiver of the information.
  5. Airtel Cheating

    You have my support, but other than escalating to a higher court as fraud or contacting the company that made the charges, I am not sure what to do.
  6. Rimweb.in And Cellwala.com Logo....

    Nope! I liked those a lot! Here is a quickie of my own that I think should be easily pad printed overtop the original logo's... Split it into RGB for other looks.
  7. Cant Hear Other Person On Treo 755p

    Very True!!! If the speakerphone icon has disappeared... then the device thinks there is a headset already plugged in. This can be due to liquid damage or a broken headset jack. This isn't normally a big deal to repair though. If the speakerphone icon is still there, then that's a totally different issue. I think the s/w solution is for a different problem as well... Do NOT be afraid to open your Treo up, they are fairly durable when it comes to opening and closing. Just be careful how you handle the ribbons, atleast don't crease them. If there is black epoxy on the headset jack, just break that off. If plugging a headset back in causes the same problem again, it's probably the center pin that gets moved when you plug devices in that needs to be rebent, which you can do from the opening on the other end of the headset jack, ofcourse only after you have opened the device up.
  8. Htc Shift Cdma 7" Microsoft Vista

    The device has USB2.0... this means you could use voip hardware... better yet, softphone software such as SJphone in order to utilize MajicJack service with the phone without requiring you to always have the majicJack hardware installed. I agree the device is underpowered for a PC and without native phone applications it's no more a phone than a USB Modem is. What I like is that it's a move in the right step. Some of us have a computer in our hands more often than a phone on our belt ( yeah, I wear a belt ) and this type of device is almost the right device for me. Personally though, I would prefer an OQO 2 (http://www.oqo.com/products/model2+/features.html) with my above mentioned modifications. FYI: I have used a WindowsMobile VOIP program on a converted HTC Touch Diamond using the credentials from a MajicJack to make voice calls over WiFi when there was WiFi available but no Cellular signal.
  9. Wanna Make My Old Computer Fast?

    Wow... I need to agree that you aren't going to make that machine very much faster at all... OS: Go back to Win98 or try a Linux. Slax would be good to test with AFTER you upgrade. Linux is generally free and you can probably find a copy of win98 either cheap or free. CPU: You are maxed out. RAM: If you still have less than 128MB... Max that out, 512 or whatever. Display: Find a card with atleast 32MB of memory, more would be better. Also, drop your resolution down to 16b or 24b... bit-depth uses MEMORY and you only have 8MB on the card. Hard Drive: Buy two! Get two affordable drives, focus on their spin speed and access times... not their size. You could get one smaller drive that's very fast and one larger drive just to use for storage. Put Win98 on the faster drive. I think your sounds card issues are probably driver related since they started right after the upgrade... you may need to search around to find the right drivers, you can try the drivers from here --> http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=Winxp+CS4232&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 if you decide to go with XP... although I think Win98 would be faster if you can deal with Win98. Seriously though... If you just want to keep the device for the memories... just keep it. If you want to use the machine as part of your network or such, you'll need to hunt around to find the parts, but they should be CHEAP, but is it really worth it compared to spending that money on a different machine, that's your call.
  10. My opinion... based on owning PDA's since the Newton and my first SmartPhone was actually a Handspring Visor that had a module to give it the functionality of a CDMA phone that I purchased seperately. A PocketPC has been reserved for PDA's that run Windows since 'PocketPC' is what they used to call the operating system version for the devices. Similar to how windows machine are commonly called PC's... even though PC just means 'Personal Computer'. i.e. A server is not a PC, despite the Operating System, yet somehow shared or public computers can still be called PC's (public computer). Mac's are actually PC's just like IBM compatibles, SPARC stations and such... Silicon Graphics work stations should probably be considered a PC, even though they are workhorses. To eliminate the issue of operating system bias, I prefer to call PocketPC's, PDA's ( Personal Digital Assistant). Sometimes refered to as Palmtop computers,... although you can see how sometimes that is mistaken for PalmOS devices... A SmartPhone is a mobile telephony device (Cellular, Satelite or otherwise) that also offers the advantages of a PDA. This is a VERY loose term... Currently, I suggest PDAphone for devices that only offer calendar, notes and such and can sync with a full computer. I suggest using the term SmartPhone when the OS is commonplace and programs can be written for the device that fully utilize it's abilities. Many phones have BREW or JAVA based programs that can be downloaded, but the programs have limited ability to interact with information from other portions of the phone such as camera pictures, wallpapers and ringtones,... so I don't call those SmartPhones.
  11. Bb 8830 Modem Settings For Pc

    Where is the applause smiley!!! Seriously,... I'm in the same boat and people overly sharing is why I don't like giving too much away.
  12. Some Questions On Palm Pre

    I have hacked the junk out of the Pre,... WiFi activation in ROM, replaced default wallpaper in ROM, added wallpaper in ROM, changed banner... ( MSL unlock, PRL update, NAM update - last three via my custom software and working on rebuilding iPKG's for automated install after ROM update, broken the forced autoupdates, removed carrier apps from rom, blah blah blah I have even written an ESN Converter for use in WebOS. Here is the question... anyone interested in ditching the WebOS interface for a regular desktop? I have ran linux on Treo devices with full desktop... I want to do the same thing on the Pre.
  13. Windows 95 Running On N82

    Here I thought putting Linux on my Treo 700p ( or Palm TX ) was fantastic... oh yeah, it is. Ofcourse no phone support during...
  14. Without getting in depth about the ESN's... It is my understanding that for a blackberry to PIN 2 PIN message, the carrier needs to already sell BlackBerries of that model (which Tata doesn't sell that model but they do carry BlackBerries) AND the ESN and PIN are paired... meaning that the ESN and PIN are tied together in blackberry's computer network. Can someone confirm the ESN/PIN being paired together? With that aside, what software do you have access to in order to program the phones?
  15. Esn Vs. Meid

    That was your 666th post! I feel special that you used it on me. Seriously though, I'm new here and was just looking through the threads. I didn't even realize it was such an old thread... Sorry about that.